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"There is a large difference between illegal aliens and legal immigrants. Mainly, the illegal's do not go through the medical check the legals do. Mexico has a very high instance of contagious diseases. Leprosy, polio, malaria, STD's, yellow fever, to name just a few. To check it out just put 'Mexico contagious diseases' in your browser. You might be stunned at the inclusive list of diseases."
Posted by MizDixie  on  02/16  at  11:44 AM | #

If someone had threaten to gag me with a chain saw, they could not had made me watch. I knew it to be nothing but more lies and painted skies. I could up any of the past SOTU speeches and heard the same thing.
On another note, we have absolutely no business allowing anyone inside our borders that wants to work until we put every unemployed American to work.
There should be a moratorium now. Those wanting to come here, legally, can have their papers ready, put on the list, and when there are jobs available, we allow that number in.
If you are unemployed and refuse a job, you are taken off the doles.
We stop the 30-40 million free cell phones. We all know they aren't being used to find jobs. One woman was interviewed and she said she had about 40 of them, all turned on. We are paying for that every month.
No more cash instead of food stamps, and limit on what you can buy and drug testing.
Every year, like clockwork, the same threat is made on hallowing out the military or on entitlements, the people paid into, but not one word on making a budget, or rolling back social services, foreign aid, or dues to the corrupt UN.
If Obama doesn't want to be the adult, then get out of the way and I will make the decisions.
Posted by Sam  on  02/14  at  06:25 AM | #

Ever notice the ONE thing that all of Obama's minions share when they are being questioned - Plausible deniability.

Clinton couldn't think of a respectable answer about her failure in Banghazi-Gate so she comes up with, "What difference does it make"? Eric Holder stonewalls during the gun running to the Mexican cartels after stating several times that he was not made aware of the "Fast and Furious" scheme that he himself had revealed to Mexican government authorities. The result was so disastrous that Obama tries it again using Christopher Stevens as a go-between for Syria! Nappy Napolitano says she was "unaware the Menendez had an illegal alien working for him as an aid and the latest clown, Jack Lew squirms trying to say he was unaware of who briefed Obama about the ongoing status of the Americans in Benghazi. The media should all be taken to court and jailed for complicity in perpetuating Obama's treasonous failures yet to be noticed by the 51% entitlement babies who voted for his sorry butt!
Posted by David Templeton  on  02/13  at  09:09 PM | #

the machine is at full throttle, and all there are helping power it, ah the fueling of this rig is done by all who sit and clap and smile and pretend to care when all they can only think about is golf, drink, hunger and mostly why and the hell do i have to sit here.
the creative pundits who tear apart and dice the words and sentences for other meaning are hard at work for this fuels our agony.

Is there a light at the end of any tunnel? why do i feel there is a light but they keep buying more tunnel.

Dr Carson, Sir you would be a great help if you could only get out of the tunnel driven by the morons that sat there last nite and clapped. Help is on the way but which tunnel is operable?

Posted by PJWILCOX  on  02/13  at  10:17 AM | #

Obama’s SOTU Address: How to Make the Immigration Crisis Worse

Posted by Marinka Peschmann on Feb 14, 2013 at 10:15 AM

Crime & Incompetence: Guide to America’s Immigration Crisis

In response to President Obama’s State of the Union address last night on his reckless stance on immigration that will make the crisis worse, following is an excerpt from Marinka Peschmann’s introduction in her latest book, Crime & Corruption: Guide to America’s Immigration Crisis available in paperback and e-book versions.


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