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Marion, that is a quotable comment if I ever saw one.

I am of the opinion that many of them are poisonous toad stools.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/22  at  11:48 AM | #

Flies will search high and low for a place to feed and lay eggs. I do not wonder that they swarm around Mr. BS. They have discerned that he is like an ever flowing manure spreader. The people may be oblivious and can see only the roses he piles on top of their manure spreader, but the flies are not fooled because they know manure when they see it even if it is well camouflaged. .

I wonder if or when the people will reach the level of discernment of the fly.
Posted by JohnMinn  on  02/22  at  11:41 AM | #

You can't fool a fly.
Posted by Sam  on  02/22  at  10:29 AM | #

Flies never buzz around anything that isn't dead or dying. Even when he's on TV, he's always swatting them.
Posted by Diana  on  02/21  at  10:47 PM | #

The Soetoro Family have not learned yet that you don't mess with Mother Nature. Using sludge in the White House Garden will result in the same diseases that the Tribes in Borneo ran in to by eating their Enemies. Rational Gardeners use organic matter such as Rabbit and Chicken Manure to raise their crops. Having said that I can only conclude that these Folks have lost the ability to think rationally because they are full of the same stuff they try to sell to us daily. The Fly problem troubles me on another level. He seams to draw more of them than she does. So he must be COMPLETELY full of it. While she may be a quart low. Any way we look at it Folks. We as a Nation are knee deep in the stuff. I know the remedy for this problem but it will require a LOT of PINE O PINE and they would have to vacate the place. LOL
Posted by ledbythnose  on  02/21  at  10:24 PM | #

Great article again Judi, but here's another reason for the flies.

There are two kinds of Liberals: Zombies and
mushrooms: Zombies: Politicians and the Main stream media who generate and distribute the horse crap that feeds the mushrooms. Mushrooms: the base of the democrat party who are content to be kept in the dark and
fed horse crap.
Posted by Marion Valentine  on  02/21  at  07:00 PM | #

Children, whose parents are either out of work or have seen large reductions to their paychecks (thanks to Pres. Obama)are eating out less, packing lunches for their school children, and watching their grocery bills! Michelle, as always ready to take credit for things, should only feel responsible, considering, that due to her husband and his policies, more people are out of work, now only doing part-time work, or struggling with a reduced take-home pay!
Posted by itsy_bitsy  on  02/21  at  06:48 PM | #

Truth be told the current occupants of the oval office and their trolls are full of it.
Posted by OldmanRick  on  02/21  at  04:37 PM | #

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The Flies Buzzing Around the Obamas

Posted by Judi McLeod on Feb 22, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Organic Gardens, Sludge, Let's Move Campaign, Childhood Obesity

When First Lady Michelle Obama steps out of her White House Picture Frame on her end of February nationwide tour, to take credit for not only halting—but reversing—childhood obesity, folk should be thinking “fertilizer”.

The White House crediting Obama’s failed Let’s Move initiative as salvation for obese children everywhere is well fertilized with the same matter fertilizing her White House ‘organic’ garden.


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