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I've been catching clips of the movie, " They come to America".
It's not liberal, nor is it conservative. It isn't at all racist nor derogatory. Gotta admit the fella did an extraordinary documentary on Immigration, or lack thereof of the United States keeping out "illegals".
As he found out, this NY City fella. Illegals come to a city, find work and displace actual Citizens from work. His questions to illegals is so revealing and breathtaking.
And NO movie place will allow his movie to be screened or festival. Progressivism has choked its ability to be seen because it's too revealing on how damning the permissiveness it is for illegals to just walk right in and steal jobs and services from naturalized citizens. He asked similar ethnic groups the exact same background as the illegals on what they thought of illegal. Astonishing the naturalized legally inbound immigrant despise the illegal element because of Guilt by Association!
Cities in the south are going broke because of illegal activities where illegals cross the borders, take employment from natural citizens and don't pay their local taxes and take city services and benefits. Schools aren't even allowed to ask if the illegal sitting in the desk is friend or foe!
It isn't racist to ask these questions, but your local progressive supporter is selling out National Value to illegals.
basically it came down to this, the Immigration Department works correctly, except their hands are tied. Nobody enforces the rules on hand now, and adding an untold millions of illegals onto an already overburdened unemployment situation is going to make it worse.
Enforce the rules, throw out the cheats, and stop the madness. Build a double walled southern border bunker of fencing if needed to keep out the cheats.
Posted by Less1leg  on  04/22  at  10:31 PM | #

I've read the article several times to make sure I understand one specific consequence of the proposed immigration bill. Here is the story of two job applicants at the XYZ manufacturing plant, a small company that does not offer health insurance to its employees and is looking for a full time receptionist.

Jane is a qualified and experienced United States citizen and mother of 3 seeking a full time job. She has no private insurance. If they hire her, the company will have to pay the $3000 fine so that Jane can be covered by Obamacare.

Newly legalized citizen, Maria is equally qualified, wants full time work but unlike Jane, Maria is not allowed to be covered by Obamacare so the company would not be fined.

Who do you think they will hire Jane or Maria at a $3000 annual savings?

We have a bad law followed by another bad law creating a brand new negative employment scenario for Americans who need a job. The insanity must stop. If anyone should have an edge in the job market, it should be our own citizens.
Posted by Bruce Butler  on  04/18  at  10:00 PM | #

@ Ann - totally agree - why do our so-called representatives in Washington DC AND the Supreme Court not recognize this glaring fact that our President is illegally elected according to our Constitution??????????
Posted by Liberty4Ever  on  04/18  at  02:04 PM | #

@ Liberty4ever

The Supreme Court case Minor v. Happersett defines a natural born citizen as one born on U.S. soil of TWO CITIZEN parents.

Since Obama's father was a British subject and not a U.S. citizen, Obama can't be a natural born citizen, even if he was born in Hawaii.
Posted by Ann  on  04/18  at  01:44 PM | #

True Americans have been shouting this from the rooftops since AT LEAST 2005. When it comes to enforcement we should also enforce the "natural born citizen" clause of the Constitution that specifies that a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN can only become President. It is CLEAR that this clause was written to prevent an "International citizen" from becoming President. Obama was not born on American soil and he was not even RAISED on American soil. How and why has he been allowed to become our President, not once, but TWICE????????????? WHY WHY WHY??????

It's an outrage among many outrages daily inflicted upon the American people
Posted by Liberty4Ever  on  04/18  at  12:41 PM | #

Good article...and yes, what we need, and all we need, is enforcement of current immigration laws. Those who say that isn't working fail to mention we have never really enforced current laws.

Secure the border and enforce the law. Whatever the cost is, it will be a huge bargain in the long run.

We should exercise our right to have a country, and to decide who enters and who doesn't.

No rewards for lawbreakers....period!
Posted by Bob68  on  04/17  at  11:45 PM | #

The Democrat parties, but especially the one in the U.S., is the most toxic element to any Western Nation in the entire world, since they don't believe in NATIONS, but at the same time are ANTI-WHITE. Better think about this before just reacting to this claim. OBSERVE, OBSERVE, OBSERVE,.............
Posted by Bobby  on  04/17  at  05:47 PM | #

The title says it all! Politicians cannot wait to adjust their votes to ensure their reelection even if their votes fly in the face of Constitutional requirement.

Sadly, the Democrats are in the driver seat on this issue. If Republicans vote to uphold Constitutional purity, they risk pushing ever more voters to Democrat votes. If they support the eye blink practice of allowing illegals access to this country with no restriction on exporting US dollars to their home country, they may retain their seat in Congress, but allow Democrats to win as ever more Democrats arise from the continuing flood of illegals who create US citizens with each birth.

I believe it is only a matter of time when Democrats gain complete control of government and bankrupt our beloved country. I see little hope in our tenuous legal and financial circumstances.

Let me say..."God Bless America"...while still possible!
Posted by Robert Fanning  on  04/17  at  04:37 PM | #

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We Don’t Need Immigration Reform, We Need Immigration ENFORCEMENT

Posted by Jerry McConnell on Apr 18, 2013 at 06:58 AM

Don't Let Socialist Democrats Fool You:

The clamor and call heard all across the country from socialist-communist led liberal Democrats is that America needs reform in our immigration laws. Naturally the new reforms these traitorous former loyal Americans seek are new regulations which would allow, in fact, encourage wild and uncontrolled open borders and safe passageways for illegal aliens from any source to walk right in uncontested and stake out territories for themselves even if owned by legal citizen Americans.


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