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Thanks Daniel. Very well said. I had to reread some parts again and again. Superb article.
Posted by Barbara in NC  on  01/03  at  06:17 PM | #

So they shut down our family owned 'variety' shop business I ran for 20+ yrs, by 'code' enforcements. Then they leaned on our landlord to kick us out or lose his business property. Then we were heading for the hills..but after praying about it, turned around and went back to our town. We stayed at a friend's while looking for a rental. One Saturday afternoon we got back from town to find the dog-catcher-lady dragging the remotest neighborhoods - standard operating procedure - knocking at doors to start dogs barking, and check her computer for non-licensed dogs at the address. Our doggy was in the garage, but no one was home so she had moved on down the street, when we pulled in. Seeing me, she came back and insisted on having a conversation, about the barkings she had heard, apparently..I refused and ordered her off the private property. She called for a sheriff, and he showed up and trespassed through a back gate trying to find me since I put a padlock on the front gate. I went out the front door and we began a conversation. I kept steering it at constitutional underpinnings to underscore the procedural criminality of the event. But they would not relent, nor pay att'n. Finally, as I was reaching in my pocket to have me a performance-rat interlude, the cop got all freaked out and ordered me to keep my hand out of my pocket, indicating he was about to draw on me..I said NO..I don't care what you're backing this person up here, so I'm giving her what she wants, after all, why she called you, and that is my money so here it is have it all! and I flung my pocket-change at her, through the chain-link.
You can get anything you want, at Huma's a good job, working for 'the Man'
Posted by chris  on  01/03  at  12:46 PM | #

Brilliant insight on the dumbed-down counterculture who put the moron in the White House.
Echoes of Atlas Shrugged.
Daniel has a special gift. We should all pay attention.
Posted by Jay  on  01/03  at  10:43 AM | #

President Obie

Posted by Daniel Greenfield on Jan 3, 2014 at 06:51 AM

You can't get the health plan you want under ObieCare and you can't get much of anything else either except a lecture, a reeducation program or a prison term

In 1967, folk singer Arlo Guthrie played a song on a left-wing New York City radio station that was supposed to sum up the cultural difference between the culture and the counterculture.


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