Good people of Chicago know that the Trump sign seen over the Windy City’s skyline for years was never a problem. No problem, that is, until the progressive temper tantrums that came after the word ‘President’ was added to his name

Chicago’s ‘Flying Golden Pigs’ Stint destined to be Lead balloon

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By —— Bio and Archives May 7, 2017

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Was the idea to float balloons of golden pigs covering Trump’s name on his Chicago skyscraper hotel lifted from 20 elementary-age school girls who released a 75-foot handmade rosary of yellow balloons skyward from Chicago’s Michigan Avenue bridge claiming the Magnificent Mile for Mary, on August 14, 2011?

“All attempts to get rid of President Trump have so far failed, but now architect Jeffrey Roberts has come up with a way to cover up Trump’s name from his Chicago hotel with “flying golden pigs”,  their unsolicited logo.” (Canada Free Press, May 6, 2017)

“Roberts, of architecture design firm New World Design Ltd (NWD), has been given the go ahead to provide “relief to the citizens of Chicago” from the “visual noise” that is Trump’s ostentatious monument to his ego.” (HeatStreet, May 5, 2017).

“And what better idea to block out the 20’ tall “Trump” sign than to tether four giant gold-colored balloons to buoys in the Chicago River—of course.”

New World Design Ltd. took down their website some time between May 3 and May 6.

Here is Jeffrey Roberts’ picture.

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