The plight of the unredacted:

Did Obama give government agencies the power to harass the unredacted?

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By —— Bio and Archives May 4, 2017

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Calling on Judicial Watch: Detailed research is needed on how NSA intelligence with the unredacted names of thousands of US citizens during the 2016 election campaign may have been put to use.

Follow-up is needed to see what happened to thousands of citizens whose names were distributed throughout government agencies under the orders of the President Barack Hussein Obama administration—in effect giving them the power of harassment.

Were any of them subject to IRS audits?  Did any face overnight harassment from government agencies such as the BLM or EPA and other alphabet government agencies?

What was the Obama team’s intention in passing on a thousands-person-strong list to a bevy of government agencies?

How did the thousands whose unredacted names were passed on to the government during the heated 2016 election campaign fare?

Perhaps more importantly, how are they faring now?

Obama is gone—but only up the street from the White House with money to burn from a $65-million book deal, and would certainly still be in touch with numerous Obamaites holding jobs in the White House doing their utmost to undermine the Trump administration.

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