Blackmail by Obama will be like shooting fish in a barrel, as each one of the Trump cabinet appointees goes down in mainstream media celebrated flame. It’s time for authorities to move in and confiscate all of Obama’s blackmail files

Dirty Barry and his Blackmail Files

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By —— Bio and Archives March 7, 2017

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Obama’s suspected wiretapping of Trump Towers drags out into the sunlight knowledge of the dirty dossiers he is holding over the heads of all seated reps and senators held hostage by blackmail when it comes time to wreck lives and end careers.

It is not the law or the vote but the accomplished blackmailer—and that is what Barack Hussein Obama certainly is—that controls the political world.

Aided and abetted by prime Chicago power brokers—slum landlord Valerie Jarrett not being the least of them—Obama was parachuted into a long-lasting political career with no scruples of any kind.

The progressive left’s ace in the hole, Obama is a provable backstabber of the First Order, the Judas of modern day politics, whose decisions decide when any enemy’s time is up.

Take a look at his “All Smiles: O Not a Care in the World“ photo on the Drudge Report today. (See Below)

That’s a cat-swallowed-canaries kind of smile that tells the tale that Obama gets off on the poison of blackmail, has no compassion for all of those he hates and takes no prisoners.

Even with all of his own records sealed, finding the real Obama goes all way back to his early salad days when he was a flashy, jumped up junior senator getting ready to go for a run at the U.S. Senate.

Obama’s moonlighting job as a wiretapper, his being holed up with his wife and consigliere Valerie Jarrett in a “nerve centre” within walking distance of the White House, leading the ravenous wolf pack against the duly elected President Donald Trump should surprise no one.

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