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Election 2016: Trump Trumped Romney in Deep Blue California Cities: Why?

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By —— Bio and Archives May 18, 2017

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The Sacramento Bee did their exhaustive study on how well Donald Trump did in all California cities compared to Mitt Romney in 2012.

Trump did worse than Romney in a larger number of otherwise strongly Republican areas.

But in the most unlikely cities, Trump actually exceeded Romney.

Let’s start with the first city of note, in part because I had attended a town hall in that city last weekend: Inglewood.

Inglewood California is a decent microcosm of the political cancer that is eating out California. The city was a wellspring of growth and development. Barry Goldwater actually won Inglewood, even though he lost the rest of the state and 46 others.

Cities where Trump exceeded Romney

Then came the busing, the racially-charged policies of welfarism and government dependence. Crime became the norm, and “white flight” undermined the communities. A large phalanx of the Democracy began running this plantation—although Republican Gordon Hahn, uncle of Aunt Janice and former LA Mayor James Hahn—represented Inglewood in the state assembly in the early 1960s. Today, the city is rife with crime and underwhelming governance. The school district ended up in state receivership following decades of financial mismanagement. The test scores remain lousy while charter school enrollment continues to increase.

Democrats are the norm, and Republicans just stay quiet, if there are any.

Yet notice that in Inglewood, Trump did better than Romney, even though the Republican registration is abysmally low. Granted we are looking at Republican registration dipping below 10%.

Notice also that the share of the vote is significantly larger for Compton, a city which has been overrun with crime, corruption, and a corrosive moral decline. It’s as though every single Republican decided to step out and vote for Trump in those cities, even though in primary season they had to use booths clearly marked “Republican”.

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