The mainstream media continues to bury the truth behind Fake news, but the truth is that Obama still works to fundamentally transform America while Trump works to ‘Make America Great Again.’

Fake News now Pretending Obama “reluctant” to join Trump Fray

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By —— Bio and Archives April 7, 2017

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Fake News has more relatives than the Kardashians, deeper roots than the most prolific of weeds.

Surely The Hill doesn’t intend for readers to believe that ex-President Barack Obama is “reluctant to join the fray” in the feud with President Donald Trump.

“A source close to Obama says the president is reluctant to join the fray.” (The Hill, April 6, 2017)

Unnamed sources take a lot of liberties when cited by reporters

Unnamed sources take a lot of liberties when cited by reporters:

“It’s not in anyone’s interest ... for [Obama] to become the face of the resistance or narrate the Trump presidency,” the source said. “He’s acutely aware that when he speaks, he sucks up all the oxygen, and that suppresses the next generation of leaders from rising.”

Oh, cut patriots a break, “source close to Obama”!

Obama’s not only the face of the resistance but the biggest face of the resistance and still narrating the Trump presidency even as he toasts his toes in the beach sands of exotic Tahiti.

Obama’s the de facto face of resistance behind every pink pu**y cap-wearing posse member, the face of resistance behind every Hollywood and entertainment industry agitator and the looming face of resistance behind the progressive left Democrats desperate to overturn the results of November’s election.



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