I believe we may be on the cusp of a new global prosperity led by the United States in a fashion that more resembles a free market, than that of a collective cooperative like we've seen the statists trying to put into place for a few generations

G20 Bows to Trump

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By —— Bio and Archives March 19, 2017

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Moderation, is the key.  For example, food can be a good thing, but if you go to any extreme, be it eating too much, or eating too little, you run the risk of being overweight, or starving yourself to death.  Moderation is an important concept in pretty much everything.

In politics, the term “moderation” has come to mean something that is not necessarily true.  The extreme leftward lean of the Democrats is so extreme that to them moderation leans leftward, just not as far left as they.  Anything not within their extreme reach is accused of being extremely to the right.  The Republican Party, especially the Tea Party and Trump supporters of the GOP, are far right, in the opinion of the far left Democrats.  Alt-right is another term they use for it.  Except, the term, and the idea of far right extremism, is being greatly exaggerated.

On the Political Spectrum, far left is totalitarianism and oligarchy.  In the vicinity of far left extremism could be listed communism, socialism, dictatorships, monarchy, theocracy, and pretty much any other governmental system or ideal that preaches extreme control by governmental forces, be they secular, religious, or any combination of the two.  While the Democrats have not quite crossed the threshold that would place them in those categories that we consider totalitarianism, their antics of late have placed them dangerously close to such an extreme.

On the Political Spectrum, far right is anarchy, or “no government”.  In the range between dead center, and anarchy, are different levels of limited government, including pure democracy, and various styles of utopian systems that are dreamed up of, but can never exist because human nature would never allow it.  Reality is, government is a necessary evil.

On the Political Spectrum, dead center is occupied by the United States Constitution.  We are a republic, and the system is designed to protect the rights of the people from the greatest threat to our rights, the government.  The Constitution takes the concept of creating a large central government (federal government), and limiting it to the expressly enumerated powers authorized to it.  While the forces of the Democrat Party complain that constitutionalism is far right extremism, the reality is that it only seems that way because they’ve moved so far to the left anything near the center seems far away from a political standpoint.  Their accusation of constitutionalism being an extreme right-wing idea is a false accusation, and they don’t even realize their error because they are embedded so far deep inside their little bubble of propaganda and misinformation.

This is why leftists use “protectionism” and “nationalism” to describe Mr. Trump and his agenda, when in truth, both terms are not truly applicable.

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