Shouldn't some taxpayers consider trying impeachment for two-faced Rep. Maxine Waters?

Maxine Waters Replaces Tax March With Trump Impeachment

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By —— Bio and Archives April 17, 2017

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Democrat rep Maxine Waters was the squawking Big Band leader for media purported tens of thousands of anti-Trump protesters who marched in more than 150 American cities under a ‘Rooster’ symbol yesterday.

“Among the marchers was an oversized inflatable rooster, sporting an angry expression and a sweeping metallic orange hairdo meant to resemble Trump’s signature style.” (Reuters, April 16, 2017)

Yes, inflatable roosters can “sport” angry expressions when the mainstream media is describing anti-Trump protesters out on the march.

Almost anything can happen when the progressive left needs a replacement for a bogus Trump-in-cahoots-with-Vladimir-Putin-narrative and the swift switcheroo over to the demanded release of President Donald Trump’s ‘missing’ tax documents, is it.

While the supposed Trump lookalike rooster replaced the pink pussy caps of the day after Inauguration Women’s March, the sign and placard messages remained the same: “He’s not MY President taking the lead.

Pro-Trump supporters who turned out to counter Maxine’s mob were assaulted in Berkeley making for a bloody Easter weekend.

But Reuters dutifully reported that “In Manhattan, a good-natured crowd rallied at Bryant Park before marching up Sixth Avenue to Central Park.”

Trump’s taxes have become the switcheroo from collusion with Russia as the loudest impeachment call.

A hangover from the failed Hillary Clinton campaign, brought back to the boil last month by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who promised the goods but only reported on two pages of Trump’s 2005 return showing Trump paid $38 million in taxes on more than $150 million in income, Waters is convinced she holds the ace in the hole to get rid of Donald Trump.

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