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MLB 'investigating' Blue Jays' Kevin Pillar for violating the Ministry of Sensitivity's speech code

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By —— Bio and Archives May 18, 2017

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Have you ever played sports? Or been around sports? Have you even gotten close enough to hear the chatter that goes on? If everything that’s said on the field of play was investigated for propriety, well, you’d have a permanent full-employment plan for investigators.

Much of it is crude. Some of it is angry. Most of it is quickly forgotten because it’s in the heat of the moment, and it’s almost never personal. That doesn’t mean it never crosses lines, or that players don’t sometimes regret their words. But for the most part, what’s said on the field is dealt with on the field, and it rarely sparks anything more than a few words in response because participants understand it’s wise not to turn mere words into some sort of war.

But this is 2017, and certain societal groups are out for scalps. Right now, they’re out for the scalp of Kevin Pillar. What did he do? Well:


Braves pitcher Jason Motte “quick-pitched” Pillar

Apparently Braves pitcher Jason Motte “quick-pitched” Pillar, which is to say he threw the pitch before Pillar was really ready in the batter’s box. It’s a frowned-upon move but it’s not illegal and occasionally pitchers can get a swing-and-miss out of a surprised hitter. In this case, Motte got a strikeout, which elicited what lip-readers seem to think was the word “faggot” out of Pillar’s mouth.

As far as I know, Motte is not gay, nor would you expect Pillar’s use of the word indicates he is. In case it’s been awhile since you were in eighth grade (and it certainly has been in my case), that is a widely used word - especially by adolescent boys - to land a verbal blow on another kid. Often the fact that the kid is not gay is exactly why it’s such a stinging comment.

But it’s also stupid, juvenile and hardly worth the time to analyze. You’d think a grown man who’s a major league baseball player would be too mature to use it, but when you’re really pissed off, you’d be surprised what might come out of your mouth.

That said, what’s with the demand by people like “Dr. B” that MLB had “better step up on this one”? What exactly is that supposed to mean? If Pillar had called Motte an a**hole instead of a faggot, would anyone need to “step up”? What are they supposed to do? Terminate his contract and send him off to join Pete Rose in Banville?

Homosexuals have decided that they need to be a specially protected class, like racial minorities, and that any use of a word that offends them must result in the utterer of that word being severely sanctioned as an example to anyone else who might dare violate the speech code of the Ministry of Sensitivity. And make no mistake: Gay activists are not upset that Pillar used this word or that people will hear about it. They’re thrilled. They want everyone to hear about it because they can use it to claim they are the victims of widespread discrimination and need special protection.

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