There NEVER has been, or will ever be a good reason for Treason. Sabotage is sabotage. Lies are lies. Betrayal is betrayal.

Obama ‘President for Life’? Never Gonna’ Happen

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By —— Bio and Archives March 3, 2017

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Barack Obama’s apparent sabotage of the 2016 presidential election is not only a shocking wake up call to unbridled political ambition, but puts on full display the ongoing battle between Good and Evil.

While some 63 million people were focused on keeping America safe from the lies and corruption of Hillary Clinton during a hard-fought election campaign, here was a sitting president hard at work to overturn the outcome should it stray out of progressive left control.

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That a sitting president would sink so low defies belief,  but then again so did the 8-year-long tenure of an anti-American president first gaining, then getting to hold on to White House power.

The betrayal of Obama’s premeditated theft of a presidential election while still president is more gobsmacking than breath taking in scope.

With mainstream media reportage now standing at 88 percent anti-Trump one month after election shows evidence that Obama’s been working with the media for a much longer time than just overnight.

In his attempts to “force” President Donald Trump out, he will go after each of the new duly elected president’s appointees one at a time, removing through convenient lies and media smears any chance they have to help Trump “Make America Great Again”.

The last thing a defiant Obama wants is for anybody to make America Great Again.  His mission and destructive policies have long been to destroy a United States that is recognized as leader of the Free World.

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