An Open Letter to the New York Times

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By —— Bio and Archives May 22, 2008

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Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Jodi KantonI sent a copy of this to their Public Editor, Mr. Clark Hoyt.  A man I would not usually write to, as he’s best known for publicly attacking one of his own columnists for the sin of being a right winger.  But, as he is their public editor, he should be sent a copy.

The article in question was written by an obnoxious reporter, Jodi Kantor, who stepped aside as the Times’ Arts Editor after coming into controversy.  More recently, she was pilloried by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for misrepresenting his comments about Barack Obama in an interview he gave to her.  The times that I find myself in agreement with Rev. Wright are rare, so I’d like to celebrate this meeting of the minds with a little letter to Clark Hoyt, a man who’s done more to retire journalistic integrity in the past year than most propagandists accomplish in a lifetime.

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