If Mitt is the GOP Candidate, We Must Prepare for All Inquiries

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By —— Bio and Archives February 20, 2012

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Regarding the 2012 presidential election, it is extremely important for Conservatives to prepare pro-actively for attacks. For instance, if Mitt Romney truly is the presumptive GOP nominee, well then we must familiarize ourselves with the most frequently criticized elements of Mormonism. Even if this enquiry into an honorable man’s religion is against our instincts. This is so because most Americans simply don’t know LDS theology, and the element of surprise can be used against the GOP.

For if history has taught Conservatives anything, it is that the perceived weaknesses of our candidates, fairly portrayed or not, will become fodder for the mainstream media. An example being the late Christopher Hitchen’s dyspeptic article, Romney’s Mormon Problem; Mitt Romney and the weird and sinister beliefs of Mormonism.

Undoubtedly the good works of the Mormon faith are remarkable, but Mitt will be at the mercy of the reaction of the ignorant to the more controversial parts of his beliefs. This is not to suggest that Romney could never become a great president because of his beliefs, but simply that his religion might cost him the opportunity. For this reason, this brief outline of LDS belief, especially of the more controversial elements is presented.

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