Red Light Alert for patriots still out there: The Twofer remains blissfully out of the spotlight while working from the sidelines to finish off America

Shadow Government’s Tyrannical ‘Twofer’ Doubles Down on Treachery

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By —— Bio and Archives March 20, 2017

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In the real time of the present, Presidential Election Campaign 2016 is not over, it is only just beginning.

Election Campaign 2016 is not over because it was never meant to be over if Hillary bit the dust.  What’s unraveling now is Backup Plan II, the contingency plan that would be dropped on unsuspecting masses in the event of haughty Hillary losing the election.

Remember, they had eight, long, uninterrupted years to work it all out.

Think of where Election Campaign 2016 has left America as ‘The Tyranny of ‘The Twofer’ because in the hands of an evil ‘Twofer’ is where we’re headed.

The Twofer now running the show from behind the scenes are the deadly duo, Barack Hussein Obama and his joined-at-the-hip partner Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Luring the public into the myth that the main battle is that there’s a Hitler-like misogynist in the White House, the mainstream media portrays the Twofer as now out of the run, therefore—harmless and benign.

They’re gentle souls in the exile of private life and have, miraculously, given up on all hopes of power.

Nothing to suspect here, folks, not to worry. Obama’s only treating himself to a month’s long holiday in the paradise called Tahiti. 

Hillary Clinton’s current escapades are only harmless ones like getting a new, $1,200 hairdo and shopping at Bergdorf Goodman’s with innocent little Huma Abedin.

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