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By —— Bio and Archives April 11, 2017

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The ‘progressive’ left has worked overtime in the de-Americanizing of America. And for good reason! If our primary language of English eventually really does become replaced with ‘press whatever number for’ Spanish or Eubonics or French or English, etc. - and Thanksgiving, Christmas or the Fourth of July become just another day off from work, taking a back seat to Ramadan, then the rich culture of America is dead. And our North American continent will be just another landmass stuffed full of walking dead - like what is left of the rest of the free world.

Freedom’s healthy traditions equate to roadblocks to invading tyranny. America is currently being stripped of its singular and precious cultural traditions with the complete cooperation of our stupid spoiled children who have been convinced that our Godliness and historical patriotism equate to ‘racism.’

‘Multiculturalism’ is a worm that has already gutted most of free Europe

‘Multiculturalism’ is a worm that has already gutted most of free Europe. It is the handiest tool of every enemy we have on this planet. It was the dream of Barry Soetoro’s Kenyan, America-hating father. It is the ally of advancing Islam that just wants us for slaves in its new Western caliphate.

Because baby boomer Americans generally didn’t pass the torch of American pride on to succeeding generations, we are now paying for it in our unprecedented vulnerability. Our children and children’s children don’t carry in their hearts the America that our current president is genuinely trying to resurrect. So his resistance to some baby-gassing regime on the other side of the Earth is little more than just a damned nuisance interrupting regularly scheduled programming - and could wind us up in a war.

And the continuing LIE of terrorism is, “Help us to get rid of the Jews and the likes of Trump - and help us to tear down your walls - and we will give you peace!” Liberal media/entertainment’s mentoring celebrities to whom we have negligently handed the job of raising our children confine their loyalties strictly to whatever priorities are established by the people who sign their checks.

Today the spineless silver ponytails and young Americans are complicit in letting America go to hell because they take for granted and are totally unappreciative of our rapidly vanishing liberties. If what you see going on around us right now in our nation and the world is not a living nightmare, then you are either brain-dead or yet another of many Americans who have been totally lulled to sleep by a red-hot television set.

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