Timeline of Susan Rice spying scandal

Truth of Susan Rice Unmasking Trump Transition Team Scandal is in the Timeline

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By —— Bio and Archives April 5, 2017

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Truth seekers on the Internet should rain all over the Mexican Carlos Slim-owned New York Time’s planned Page 1 hate hit on documentary filmmaker and ‘Gorilla Mindset’ author Mike Cernovich, by getting ahead of it.

Timeline of Susan Rice spying scandal

Doing so would be taking a leaf from Susan Rice,  who tried to get ahead of the Unmasking the Donald Trump Transition Team revelation by going to the mainstream media—only after she knew she was about to be outed.

Truth seekers can get the truth, and nothing but out there by forwarding far and wide Cernovich’s Timeline of the Susan Rice Spying Scandal.

The Timeline is the Countdown to the Truth:

Go!, truth seekers, Go!

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