Romanian people, who had suffered so much and had fought so hard for their independence, replaced one dictator, the communist party and its supreme dear leader Ceausescu, with a global elitist technocracy, run by the EU and multinational corporatists

Who Stokes the Fire of Globalism?

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By —— Bio and Archives March 21, 2017

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“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” 
Winston S. Churchill

A total stranger asked me recently to name the one person who has done more damage to the U.S. by stoking the global communism fire. The answer is rather complex but I gave him a simplistic one - the education system with its hundreds of thousands of teachers who indoctrinate children eight hours a day, from kindergarten through college, into the utopia called Marxism. He had asked for the name of the one omnipotent person he wanted held responsible for the destruction of our country and the social engineering of western civilization.

Hard for average Americans to see how they’ve been manipulated on so many fronts:  in schools, in media, through books, in the economic, judicial, political, health care realm

Because the United States is such a vast country, it is harder for the average American to see how they’ve been manipulated on so many fronts for a century now, in schools, in the media, through books, in the economic, judicial, political, and the health care realm, and how the elite globalist social engineering has taken hold in all fifty states like a metastasized cancer. They are now running the country; no matter which branch of the same political tree, R or D, is in power, the agenda goes on unabated. One can look at the results of the recent Dutch election and realize that self-destructive voters are hopeless.

It is easier to study a small country and point out how it has devolved into the current status quo by putting the events under the microscope of time. As it is often the case, the majority of people are oblivious to what is really happening under their noses. Lacking real information, the smart few turn to conspiracy theories, which sometimes are proven correct. But the majority of people rely on propaganda, the result of concerted efforts by those in power to manipulate them through the mass media, political disinformation, and through brainwashing in schools.

Paul Ghitiu, former Romanian Senator and publisher of “Vocile Dreptei,” (Voices on the Right) wrote on March 16, 2017, “After having read thousands and thousands of documents, analyses, studies, articles, I concluded that almost all theories and revelations that appear on the market and are classified as ‘conspiracy theories,’ are real. But those unmasked, who are guilty and have the press in their pockets, financial, political, national military interests, and especially international ones, catalogue such accusations under the above label, ridiculing the information that reaches the public opinion.”

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