Meanwhile, how long will the Dems and MSM remain in a state of deep mourning for Comey?

Will Dems next be leaving tear-soaked teddybears and flowers for Comey at FBI headquarters?

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By —— Bio and Archives May 10, 2017

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In the end it will be pink-slipped FBI Director James Comey who will take down all Democrat credibility.

Courtesy of Comey’s dismissal, get ready to see the biggest Democrat stage act of all time.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s crocodile tears will cry her a river wider than even Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s.

Playing and acting are what demented Dems do best

The Democrat Progressives are OUTRAGED (hear them bray!).  They are in a tailspin (waiting to collapse dramatically in front of the mainstream media for full coverage).  Any day now, they’ll be leaving teddybears and flowers in front of FBI headquarters.

James Comey, the man who tried but failed to make an ongoing legend out of President Donald Trump in cahoots with the Russians, is gone.

Time to pull their hair out, even though many Democrats have so little left to pull.

Pouring salt in their ever-gaping wounds, misogynist-smeared President Trump’s getting the last word by going over the MSM head to Twitter, pointing out that the same Dems going for Comey’s head are now in deep mourning that he’s gone.

”The Democrats have said some of the worst things about James Comey, including that he should be fired, but now play so sad!” Trump tweeted.

Playing and acting are what demented Dems do best. 

Comey was doing just fine when he could be moved like a piece on the chess board, exploited by progressives for keeping the Russians-stole-the-election myth alive.  Now that he’s gone he’s of no use to them other than for publicly mourning his departure.


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