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Birkett Ferguson Award winner announced
 By Tim Saunders

Lynne Davies from Hampshire, UK has won the coveted Birkett Ferguson Award at the Creative Coverage Forest Connections exhibition at the New Forest Centre Gallery, Lyndhurst, Hampshire. Her painting was selected by comedian Richard Digance, who is also a painter himself. “I’m delighted, it’s made my day,” says Lynne.

A new piece in the ‘French paradox’ puzzle — cheese metabolism
 By American Chemical Society

Figuring out why the French have low cardiovascular disease rates despite a diet high in saturated fats has spurred research and many theories to account for this phenomenon known as the “French paradox.”

Heliconia Turned On by Hummingbird Foreplay
 By Wes Porter

A pair of Canadian researchers found themselves upstaged by hummingbirds while attempting to hand pollinate ecologically significant plants in Costa Rica.

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