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Why hundreds of thousands of Torontonians supported their conservative crack-smoking mayor

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Welsh photographer recognised in international awards
 By Tim Saunders

“As an Honourable Mention winner my name and my favourite image will be included in the prestigious Monochrome Photography Awards Annual Book,” explains Glyn, who shot into the limelight when Prime Minister David Cameron purchased his photo-books as a wedding gift for Prince William and Catherine Middleton. David Cameron wrote to say, ‘Prince William was delighted with the books’.

Guide Dog Inspires Blind Woman to Start Faith Based Company Big Yellow Dog LLC
 By Christian Newswire

WINNETKA, Ill., —Cheri was diagnosed with a retinal disease at an early age which resulted in total central blindness by age 17. However, she was determined to be normal and pushed through schooling which resulted in an amazing career. Unfortunately, like most retinal diseases hers was progressive and eventually affected the optic nerve resulting in partial peripheral blindness, diminishing her vision substantially. She once had considered herself a very strong independent woman who traveled the world but she found herself becoming more reclusive and intimidated by the unseen world around her. Friends and family noticed the drastic change and pushed for her to check into getting a guide dog. She was totally against the idea. Although she had used a white cane for years somehow she thought the guide dog screamed “handicapped.”

Determining recipes for some of the world’s oldest preserved beers
 By American Chemical Society

Some breweries have taken to resurrecting the flavors of ages past. Adventurous beer makers are extrapolating recipes from clues that archeologists have uncovered from old and even ancient brews found at historical sites. Now scientists have analyzed some of the oldest preserved beer samples from an 1840s’ shipwreck to try to provide insight into how they were made. They report their findings in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry.