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Why hundreds of thousands of Torontonians supported their conservative crack-smoking mayor

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The tip of the climate spending iceberg
 Paul Driessen   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
How your tax and consumer dollars finance Climate Crisis, Inc. and hobble America

Suicide By Airliner
 Nadra Enzi   -- World News
As the Andreas Lubitz case graphically illustrates, strip searched, randomly profiled passengers wouldn't have saved Germanwings Flight 9525.

Americans Held To Different Rule Of Law Than Our Elected Officials!
 Leigh Bravo   -- American Politics
Hillary Clinton, email scandal, Sarbanes-Oxley A

Let’s get real—what is needed is a reevaluation
 Ted Belman   -- World News
Without this recognition, there can be no peace. That is why Israel insists on it.

Power mongering, pride’s byproduct
 A. Dru Kristenev   -- American Life, History, Education
Pride will ever bar that leap of simple faith that, by humility, gives us the one thing we need most -- Hope.

“No Man Is Above the Law” Brag Survive Obama’s Treason in the Bowe Bergdahl Scanda
 John Lillpop   -- American Politics
In the scheming hands of tyrant-in-chief Barack Obama, Bowe Bergdahl was but a pawn to be exploited by a contemptuous, angry president to pursue closure of GITMO

St. Louis Man Brutally Beaten, Allegedly Over Mike Brown [VIDEO]
 News on the Net   -- Video
Brown’s death sparked outrage among many civil rights groups and activists who believed that he was targeted because he was black

Obama installing Islam leaders while Michelle and Susan Rice provide cover?
 Judi McLeod   -- Cover Story
Obama was working to replace foreign Christian leaders with fully-fledged Caliphate-seeking Islamists

Clearing Up the Middle East Situation
 Jim ONeill   -- Cover Story
Obama -- who, for reasons unknown, much prefers dealing with the "Death to America" Muslim theocracy in Iraq than with the pro-USA government in Israel. Go figure

The “Greatest Invisible Depression”
 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh   -- Cover Story
How will we cope when the American economy crashes? What or who will replace the American Empire?

France, Israel, Iran and Obama
 Joseph A. Klein   -- Cover Story
Dissing America's key allies pretty much sums up President Obama's disjointed foreign policy

Crimea and Ukraine: a Tragedy Like the Charge of the Light Brigade!
 Dr. Don Boys   -- Cover Story
Crimean war ended in March of 1856 with questionable results--Russia was delayed in her expansionist plans for a time. Today the Russian Bear is still dangerous, devious, determined. Ask the Ukrainians

Reid and Weep Democrats
 Jeff Crouere   -- American Politics
Reid is the poster boy for term limits, typical of the politicians in Washington D.C. who overstay their welcome

Cruz on Healthcare law and mandated Health Insurance
 Dag Barkley   -- Cartoons
Makes the head spin, doesn't it?

Harry Reid’s decision to retire and criminal investigation connected to son
 Dag Barkley   -- Cartoons
No sneaky favoritism on your part behind closed doors? No More than you, Sir.

Lifeway Christian Stores: No Books about Visions of Heaven
 Rev. Michael Bresciani   -- Christianity - Religion
Has the apostasy of the faithful gone so far as to create a day when we learn our best lessons from the hypocrites?

Solar Panels: Another Taxpayer Rip-Off
 Institute for Energy Research   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Home sales, Solar, taxpayers

Careful: Hillary’s people are watching to make sure you avoid the secret ‘sexist code words’
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics
Ooooooooh scary.

UN says Israel, not Iran, North Korea or Syria worst violator of human rights
 Anne Bayefsky   -- World News
There is an alternative conclusion. We note with disappointment that the United States legitimizes this travesty and empowers the real enemies of human rights.

Obama’s FEMA Dir. Sounds Like GOP ‘Denier’!?
 Marc Morano   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
FEMA Dir. Craig Fugate said hurricanes cyclical, not linked to AGW! Should FEMA Withhold Funds From FEMA?!

Stop Al-Quds Day!
 News on the Net   -- American Politics
Sign the petition. Help Stop The Hate!

Principles of Constitutionalism: The Rule of Law versus the Rule of Rules
 Tim Dunkin   -- American Politics
The rule of law is a much-maligned concept in this day and age, and since the rise of the social Left in the early part of the last century, its authority has been greatly undermined.

Jettison the Empire to Save the Republic 2015
 Dr. Robert R. Owens   -- American Freedom
Entangling alliances were not a part of the original model for the United States.

If There is Any Racism, It Has Been to Bend Back in Favor of Arabs!
 Aaron I. Reichel, Esq.   -- Cover Story
Arabs Actually Benefit from Reverse Racism in Israel -- Rather Than Suffering from Perverse Racism

Media Flail: Walker for Amnesty? (So Says WSJ, Says Breitbart)
 Arthur Christopher Schaper   -- Cover Story
The very detailing of this account gives pause, raises suspicion, and then the sudden change in the Breitbart post confirms that a media flail is at work, where "Gotcha!" journalism has to retract and retrace its steps

Getting Bowe Bergdahl back is not the problem
 Dan Calabrese   -- Crime-Terror-Security
Trading 5 Taliban commanders for him, and then celebrating him as a hero, is the problem.

Cue the left’s freakout of dishonest nonsense over Indiana religious freedom law
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics

BREAKING: Harry Reid will not seek re-election
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics

Hey, let’s watch Dem Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton park her car. ...Because it’s hilarious.
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics
Claimed that no one has "the right to know" what the Executive Branch is doing because we have a "separation of powers" government.

China Scales Back Shale Projects
 Guest Column By Dr. Benny Peiser   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Oil & Shale Producers Sound Retreat From China