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Possible Scenarios and Strategic Options vis-à-vis Iran
 INSS By Amos Yadlin   -- World News
The scenarios analyzed in this essay can serve as the foundation for a comprehensive, professional strategic discussion that should be held now between Israel and the United States

Hispanic Catholics Are Not Conservative
 Sierra Rayne   -- American Politics
Outside of America, Catholics are overwhelmingly liberal -- not conservative, and inside America, Hispanic Catholics are most certainly not conservative in their political views. To suggest otherwise would be ignoring decades of electoral data

Principles of Constitutionalism: Malum in Se versus Malum Prohibitum
 Tim Dunkin   -- American Freedom
Law, as a principle, should acts to affirm and support natural liberty, rather than oppose it

Turning America into a Battlefield: A Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation
 John W. Whitehead   -- American Freedom
With the Constitution under constant attack, the military's power, influence and authority have grown dramatically

Alveda King to Baltimore Mayor: My Dear Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
 Christian Newswire   -- American Politics
In 1963, my father Rev. AD King, after the firebombing of our home in Birmingham, Alabama, urged hostile protestors to abandon violence and turn to God in prayer instead

Obama’s Made Some Bad Deals. Why He Should Stop Sidelining Congress.
 Heritage Foundation By Rep Doug Lamborn   -- American Politics
It is clear President Obama doesn’t want to work with Congress because we may thwart his plans

Hillary to Use “Two for the Price of One” Pitch in Her Campaign?
 John Lillpop   -- American Politics
Just SAY NO! to Hillary and her old, dirty baggage!

Video: Wheelchair-Bound Woman in Path of Baltimore Riot’s Thrown Projectiles
 News on the Net   -- Video
Another bar patron stands in front of the woman to shield her from the barrage of refuse thrown by the mob

Another expensive stimulus project on the rocks
 James Simpson   -- American Politics
The “Not In My Backyard” phenomenon – well known to Los Angeles residents – contributed to the LA-RICS quandary.

SAF Wins Preliminary Injunction In North Carolina Resident Alien CCW Case
 Second Amendment Foundation   -- Gun Control - Second Amendment
“We’re dedicated to making sure that the constitutional right to keep and bear arms is protected for citizens and legal resident aliens alike,”

Fantastic: Russian hackers were reading Obama’s e-mails
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics
But just the unclassified ones, if that makes you feel any better.

Media’s Ongoing Attempts to Downplay VA Scandal
 Roger Aronoff   -- Media - Media Bias
Rachel Maddow’s transparent attempt to cast the VA scandal as the fabrication of right-wing political forces bent on destroying an embattled institution serves as a red herring

Clinton Foundation a ‘slush fund’ - lands on watchlist of shady charities
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics

Are you a rioter; want to destroy a city?Baltimore’s Dem mayor proud to give you ‘space to do that.’
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics
What part of 'peaceful' don't they understand?

The rules of tolerance: You must bake for gay weddings; you must not host a Ted Cruz event
 Herman Cain   -- American Politics
Keep up.

Public Library Faces Lawsuit after Denying Access for Religious Meeting
 Liberty Counsel   -- Christianity - Religion
"Any policy that expressly prohibits meetings based on the religious viewpoint of the program is simply unconstitutional,"

A message for Pope Francis
 Paul Driessen   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
It’s not climate change – but energy restrictions based on climate fears – that threaten the poor

It is a bad time to be in the renewable energy industry
 Marita Noon   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Earlier this year, West Virginia became the first state to repeal its RPS

Exclusive: Bakers Facing $135K Fine Over Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Couple Speak Out
 Heritage Foundation By Kelsey Harkness   -- American Politics
Melissa now works from home, baking one or two cakes each month.

‘W’ rips ‘O’.  What’s wrong with that picture?
 Judi McLeod   -- Cover Story
Stand up for America, Mr. Bush. As any bona fide American would, you owe the country relief from the willfully destructive Barack Obama

The Climate Change Industry and the Hoax of Global Warming
 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh   -- Cover Story
If it snows, it is global warming. If it’s hot, it is global warming. Everything is global warming and must be redressed immediately or the earth will perish

Baltimore mayor supported violence and destruction of property
 Arthur Weinreb   -- Cover Story
Democrat Party mayor of Baltimore equated freedom of speech and freedom of assembly with the presumed "right" to smash police cars, steal, assault and throw objects at police

Global Warming? The Pope is Wrong
 Alan Caruba   -- Cover Story
Vatican conference incomprehensively would advocate policies whose only result would be the reduction of human life in order to “sustain” the Earth

NPT RevCon 2015: Considerations for Convening a WMDFZ Conference
 INSS By Emily B. Landau, Shimon Stein   -- World News
The question is how all of this will play out at the 2015 NPT RevCon, especially with Israel absent from the table

Southern Africa Looks To Prosper From Rich Coal Resource
 Guest Column By Dr. Benny Peiser   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Matt Ridley: Africa Needs To Be Rich – Rather Than Green

With the income tax deadline looming, Canadians challenged by an increasingly complex tax system
 Fraser Institute By Charles Lammam   -- Financial, Business, Economy
“What’s clear is that all indicators point to an increase in federal tax complexity for Canadian families, businesses and even governments

After Lausanne: Improving the United States Position in the Negotiations with Iran
 INSS By Avner Golov   -- World News
The United States is the strongest political, economic, and military power in the world. It can therefore make time play in its favor so that Iran is the one pushing for an agreement

#Take Back Our Kids
 Lloyd Marcus   -- American Politics
We can no longer sit back and passively allow the Left to totally control the thinking and beliefs of our kids. We must #Take Back Our Kids

Will Christians be Fitted with Yellow Crosses?
 Matt Barber   -- American Politics
Human Rights Amendment Act

Hypocrite Liberals Silent on Muslims Murder of Gays While Christian Cakes Raise Their Fury
 Warner Todd Huston   -- American Politics
The inescapable conclusion is that gays hate Christians who won't bake cakes more than they hate Muslims who murder gays

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