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Art news: British artists shortlisted for international art prize
 Tim Saunders   -- Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
Claire Wiltsher from Hampshire

School Board Tells Homeschool Family Their Curriculum Must Be ‘Guided’ by Common Core St
 Heritage Foundation By Chris McNutt   -- American Life, History, Education
These changes increase the likelihood that private-school students and home-schooled students will have to follow the Common Core regime

Julia Pierson resigns as Secret Service director
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics

WyLiberty Arguments End Political Inquisition in Texas
 News on the Net   -- American Freedom
"The case is finally over, and today's ruling vindicates Tom DeLay entirely

Court Sides With SAF On Key Points In Challenge of Chicago Gun Range Law
 Second Amendment Foundation   -- Gun Control - Second Amendment
Chicago police officials “admitted that they had no data or empirical evidence that any criminal impact would occur due to the presence of a firing range, or that it would be lessened by placing ranges in manufacturing districts

Media hyped walrus climate scare stories debunked – Claims recycled year-after-year
 Marc Morano   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
A Climate Depot Rebuttal

It’s no secret any longer
 Sarge   -- American Politics
White House integrity was violated because an employee with some kind of stature didn’t like the alarm’s volume and the stridency of its tone

A T-shirt that monitors your heart
 Guest Column By Israel21c   -- Science-Technology
Smart-digital hWear shirt has conductive fibers woven in, performing the job of an ECG machine and transmitting vitals to your doctor’s smartphone.

A $10,000 childcare deduction is the least-worst way to do income splitting
 Canadian Taxpayers Federation By Gregory Thomas   -- Canada
So the top priority for the Harper Conservatives is simple: they need reverse some of the damage done to Canada’s balance sheet on their watch

National Life Chain Sunday 2014—October 5
 Christian Newswire   -- Christianity - Religion
Only He can end the abortion holocaust now ravaging America and Canada

Fur Hats
 Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment

5 Policies That Would Make Gas Cheaper
 Heritage Foundation By Nicolas Loris   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Where your gas money goes

President Obama at the General Assembly: Sobriety, Continuity, and Renewal
 INSS   -- World News
Despite the Obama administration’s longstanding frustration regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, it will likely seek in the coming months to restart the talks between the sides

Happy Anniversary: 1 October Marks 18 Years Without Global Warming Trend
 Guest Column By Dr. Benny Peiser   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Global Warming Pause Comes Of Age

State Dept. Rejects Netanyahu’s Mideast Diagnosis
 Arnold Ahlert   -- Cover Story
The administration throws the Israeli prime minister under the bus.

Evidence of the Islamic terror threat within our borders
 Doug Hagmann   -- Cover Story
Introduction to an investigative series

Decision to let cop killer Abu-Jamal give commencement speech ‘despicable,’ widow says (Video)
 News on the Net   -- American Life, History, Education
"People need to start realizing that there’s right and wrong in this world. It seems like no one thinks about that."

Has Insanity Taken Over the Voters?
 Jerry McConnell   -- Cover Story
Congressional Representative for the First District of New Hampshire

Handbook to prevent radicalization of Muslims released in Canada
 Arthur Weinreb   -- Cover Story
Attempt by Muslims in Canada, with the aid of the federal police force, to make it politically incorrect to equate the terrorism that poses a significant threat to Canada and the West with Islam

America’s Education Battlefield
 Alan Caruba   -- Cover Story
When one considers how much in tax revenue is collected for the purpose of educating our youth, one would hope for better results

The New Pathway to Citizenship
 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh   -- Cover Story
Europe is a prime example of this failed diversity. Diversity is a “divide and conquer” strategy developed to weaken and destroy a nation from within.

National Security Threats Brought Into Focus
 Roger Aronoff   -- American Politics
Dangers a weakened America poses to the world

Can a Mendacious Media Resuscitate Feminism
 Gail Jarvis   -- Cover Story
Barack Obama's failed presidency should have taught us that the “symbolism” of being the first president of a previously disadvantaged group does not necessarily equip one to perform presidential duties

VIDEO: Secret Service chief tries to blame sequester for total ineptness
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics
With help from Eleanor Holmes-Norton, who tries to make it the fault of Congress.

Obama Clueless When It Comes to Predictions: Why Should We Believe Climate Change Spiel?
 John Lillpop   -- Cover Story
Barack Hussein Obama is blinded to reality by his addiction to failed progressive notions which have never worked anywhere--- and never will

Germany’s Renewable Energy Transition Misses Carbon Reduction Goals
 Institute for Energy Research   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Coal, energiewende, Germany, renewable energy

Polish Catholic Auschwitz survivor Michael Preisler dead in New York
 Frank Milewski   -- World News

A Desktop 3-D Printer in Every Home?
 News on the Net   -- Science-Technology

Lack of detail in GO terminal announcement worrisome says Harris
 News on the Net   -- Canada
Ontario taxpayers deserve oversight and clarity before the rubber hits the road

For Yezidis Displaced by ISIS, a Long Way Home
 Heritage Foundation By Josh Siegel   -- World News
Van den Toorn described a dire situation, where displaced Yezidis who made it off the mountain—or escaped Islamic State captivity—live in makeshift camps, half-finished buildings and under bridges