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Recent CFP Columns

Executive Orders Next GOP President MUST Decree!
 John Lillpop   -- American Politics
Undoing the travesties produced by reckless progressives

Executive Amnesty’s Alinsky-inspired ‘Bishop-gate’
 Judi McLeod   -- Cover Story
The Obama administration was bankrolling America's churches as far back as 2010 in preparation for the November 2014 invasion of American sovereignty

They’re Coming to America
 Victor Sharpe   -- Cover Story
Never has an American president been more contemptuous of the United States or acted in a manner that has revealed itself to be a clear and present danger to America’s very survival.

Iran Will Negotiate Until It Becomes a Nuclear Power
 Alan Caruba   -- Cover Story
President Obama has been obsessed with Iran

Alien Tidal Wave Now Assured
 Nelson Hultberg   -- Cover Story
We are up against "deranged traitors," not misguided Americans. We are confronting stark evil, not innocent error

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Urged to Run for President in 2016
 Douglas V. Gibbs   -- Cover Story
I could easily vote for a Scott Walker/Rand Paul ticket in 2016. Two constitutionalists in the White House? Wow, we have not seen such a thing since. . . the Harding/Coolidge ticket during the 1920 Election.

Amnesty for Unamerica
 Daniel Greenfield   -- American Politics
Obama wants to import illegal aliens while deporting American jobs. He wants to trade American jobs to illegal aliens for Democratic votes

Gut-Wrenching Challenge: Remaining Respectful & Reasonable during Obama Atrocities
 John Lillpop   -- American Politics
I wish no ill to befall Barack Obama. May his future be blessed with important and rewarding opportunities---in places other than the Oval Office and outside American politics!

One Illegal Thing Is Working for Obama But Three More Will Decimate His Amnesty Plan
 Jerry McConnell   -- Cover Story
Only people Liberal Democrats will ever help are themselves, and the only legislation they like to work on are illegal things which help to destroy our country

Three Steps to Resolve Immigration Issue
 Douglas V. Gibbs   -- Cover Story
Enforce Existing Laws, Secure the Border, Stop Giving Illegal Aliens Free Stuff

Our new Congress must impeach Obama –  Attacks will happen anyway
 Dr. Laurie Roth   -- Cover Story
Impeach and Convict Obama, then boldly win on the merits, guts and message in 2016.

Capitalism Cataclysm
 Dr. Brad Lyles   -- Cover Story
Freedom Economics

Republican Party Cowards
 Jeff Crouere   -- Cover Story
Within three months, the dangerous components of the President's immigration plan will become operational. The clock is ticking on a response. Will Republican leaders finally show some courage?

Despite Lawless Immigration Decree, Obama Urges Ferguson Protesters to Honor Rule of Law!
 John Lillpop   -- Cover Story
You turn away from the rule of law pap and head home to collect your gun for the protest!

Statement By The Prime Minister Of Canada On The 81st Anniversary Of The Holodomor
 News on the Net   -- World News
“On this day, let us honour the millions of victims of the Holodomor, pay tribute to the courage of those that survived

Rand Paul’s Anti-NSA Campaign Backfires
 Cliff Kincaid   -- American Politics
So while our media—and politicians like Rand Paul—have been waging war on the NSA, our enemies have been figuring out how to exploit Snowden’s disclosures and destroy the United States

We Are Not Stupid, Mr. President, You Have Undermined The American Constitution
 Mitch Wolfe   -- American Politics
The Republicans have a moral and legal obligation to resist Obama and to vigorously defend the Constitution against this dangerous and out of control president.

UK Political Establishment still Befuddled over UKIP’s Continuing Success
 David C. Jennings   -- Cover Story
UKIP continues to establish itself as a credible alternative to politics as usual.

IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2014
 Institute for Energy Research   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Energy, IEA, oil

VIDEO: Even lefty Jon Stewart can see Obama’s acting like an emperor
 Dan Calabrese   -- Media - Media Bias
And he uses Obama's own words from a 2013 Google Hangout to demonstrate it.

Dr. Ben Carson hosts conference call to ‘clarify’ his 2nd Amendment stance
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics

Nativity Scene Returns to IL State Capitol for 7th Straight Year
 News on the Net By Julie Zanoza, Tom Brejcha   -- Christianity - Religion
The Nativity Scene will be on display in the Rotunda during normal business hours starting Dec. 2nd and throughout the Christmas season

Obama signing Executive Order
 Dag Barkley   -- Cartoons

Tens of Thousands Sign Petition to Keep Duggars on TLC
 Christian Newswire By Dustin Siggins   -- Media - Media Bias
Benham Brothers, Steven Crowder, other conservative leaders throw support behind Duggars

Florida’s Fight for Marriage Intensifies
 Liberty Counsel   -- American Freedom
DeBoer v. Snyder

In Cicero’s Shadow
 Sarge   -- American Politics
Obama’s designs are evident to all with eyes that see, ears that hear and the integrity to look past the dogma and designs of anti-American Progressives steering OUR ship of state onto the shoals of self-indulgent power hunger.

Epic snowfall triggers flooding fears in New York
 News on the Net   -- American Life, History, Education
David Lee Miller reports on winter storm

Cyber Attacks, Massive Snow Falls and Failing Microphones
 Edward Zawadzki   -- Canada
Eddies Edge

Toronto Maple Leafs fans finish singing US anthem after technical difficulties
 News on the Net   -- Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
The mic cut out partway through the us national anthem and the Canadian fans took it from there!

Delusions of Grandeur direct from The King
 Judi McLeod   -- Cover Story
Obama a mad man beyond saving if you run with an ad depicting a crown graphic on the very next day after you sunk the Good Ship America