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EXPOSED: The Planned Subjugation of America’s Population
 Judi McLeod   -- Cover Story
Fundamental Transformation of America: Getting rid of the country that exists, replacing it with a foreign new one

Obama exceeds Chamberlain by switching allegiance from ally to enemy
 A. Dru Kristenev   -- Cover Story
Recognizing that statesmanship was replaced by political expedience long ago

The Obama Inquisition
 Daniel Greenfield   -- Cover Story
And if you don’t believe in Obama, you’re a racist enemy of all that’s good and progressive who is going to liberal hell. Or as they call it, Portland.

Saturday Night Live’s ‘ISIS recruitment ad’ has people upset. We think it’s funny. You?
 Robert Laurie   -- Media - Media Bias
People need to relax.

ISIS can rest easy - Pentagon plans to retake Mosul are on ‘indefinite hold’
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics

Obama to Kerry: Now, give them the go ahead to build a bomb!
 Dag Barkley   -- Cartoons
That's what we whisper about.

Oops: Google realizes the ObamaNet will be a disaster
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics
By the way, the FCC's Internet power grab is a bigger deal than executive amnesty.

7-day DHS funding deal sees GOP no closer to stopping executive amnesty
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics

Premier’s Double Standards on OPP Bribery Investigations Questioned
 News on the Net By Christine Bujold   -- Canada
“It should not take criminal charges or convictions to prove Mr. Lougheed Jr. fell below that standard

Update: AP’s Seth Borenstein at it again hyping Antarctic melt fears
 Marc Morano   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Recycles same claims from 2014, 1990, 1979, 1922 & 1901! – Climate Depot’s Point-By-Point Rebuttal

What’s Up with Prices at the Pump?
 Marita Noon   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
The U.S. is the number one global exporter of refined petroleum products. Saudi Arabia aims to capture some of that market share to become number two

The poverty of your soul
 Sarge   -- American Politics
I say to Hell with those who stray and set themselves up for their spiritual and political suicide by following false prophets seeking great profits.

Israel against Hizbollah: Between Overt and Covert Warfare
 INSS By David Siman-Tov, Yoram Schweitzer   -- World News
Israel’s goal, which at this stage is apparently the goal of Hizbollah and Iran as well, is to conduct the struggle for influence without being dragged into a war

Husky puppy attempts to chatter to its owners… and sounds just like a baby
 News on the Net   -- Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
The dog was reacting to being told off for eating roommate's food

Obama: Nuke deal with Iran going, John?
 Dag Barkley   -- Cartoons
A few expected bumps... But, as well as expected.

You’ve been saddled with mandatory healthcare, face waves of illegal immigrants, and soon a host of
 Dag Barkley   -- Cartoons
Saddled with the Fundamental Transformation of America!

For the First Time on Camera, Meet the Man Who Exposed the Gruber Videos
 Heritage Foundation   -- American Healthcare
The ‘Stupidity’ Videos

Vatican Officials Threatening to sue Bloggers
 News on the Net   -- Christianity - Religion
In this wide-ranging interview, His Eminence talked about issues ripped from the news

Obama’s Empowerment of Islam
 Douglas V. Gibbs   -- Cover Story
Obama is careful about using the Islamic label because he wishes to either appease them, or support them, in their bloody endeavors

Obama Negotiates Israel’s Destruction
 Alan Caruba   -- Cover Story
If history is any guide, these negotiations will put the world on the path to a cataclysm that defies the imagination

On ’Way Fum Up In ’Roun Behine
 Jimmy Reed   -- American Life, History, Education
Will Rogers: “Nobody is stupider than educated folks when you get them off the thing they’re educated in”

Report: Obama threatened in 2014 to shoot down Israeli jets if they tried to attack Iran
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics
Obama is willing to use military force...against one of America's allies, in the defense of a maniacal group of radical Islamic mullahs

Three no-so-famous black Americans you should know
 Herman Cain   -- American Politics
Heroes: Thomas Sowell, Star Parker, Roy Innis

Obama’s Threat of War Against Israel
 Douglas V. Gibbs   -- Cover Story
Susan Rice, described "timing and partisan manner" of Netanyahu's visit as "destructive" for the U.S.-Israeli relationship - as if threatening to shoot down Israeli jet isn't

Train of Thought
 Tabitha Korol   -- World News
There will always be those who find something offensive somewhere, particularly when it comes to the Holocaust and persons who would deny its very occurrence

Climatist Jihad?
 Paul Driessen   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Climate Crisis extremists attack experts who challenge claims of imminent climate Armageddon

AFA’s anti-Christian-bigotry map
 Matt Barber   -- American Politics
Thankfully, the SPLC, the HRC and hundreds more of these anti-Christian organizations are now being called out and held accountable

I want my country back
 John Porter   -- American Politics
The real power is in the people. We MUST start acting like it, rise to our feet, stand tall, and meet our responsibility and duty

Yippee! It’s Anti-Israel Apartheid Week; no, it’s Israel Apartheid Week
 Diane Weber Bederman   -- American Politics
No it’s Israel Anti-Apartheid Week-whatever it is…it’s 52 weeks a year

Talking Heads never get ‘Who Loves ‘Ya’
 Judi McLeod   -- Cover Story
There is no doubt that Obama’s posture on America has nothing to do with love, and even less with patriotism.