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Terrific: U.S. ‘scouts’ on ground in Iraq looking for anyone who will fight
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics

More Evidence of Benghazi Cover-Up
 Roger Aronoff   -- American Politics

Toronto media wastes no time turning on Doug Ford
 Arthur Weinreb   -- Cover Story
The nasty response by the non-progressive media to Doug Ford’s entry in the race speaks more about them than it does about Doug Ford

“If they’re not Islamic fanatics, what are they, Martians?”
 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh   -- Cover Story
Judge Jeanine Pirro:

Obama’s self-defeating fight
 Caroline Glick   -- American Politics
British, American and European jihadistas are completely at ease with IS violence

International what?
 Sarge   -- American Politics
United Nations, International Community

Massive Bailouts Flying Below the Radar
 Canadian Taxpayers Federation By Colin Craig   -- Canada
Imagine someone putting $2,676 into your RRSPs each year.

U.S. Oil Production Keeping World Oil Prices in Check
 Institute for Energy Research   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
China, India, oil, oil prices, U.S. Oil Production

Not So Fast: ISIS Crossing Texas-Mexico Border Not a Serious Concern
 Heritage Foundation By Katrina Trinko   -- Crime-Terror-Security
A false sense of security about the ruthless terror of ISIS.

Video: College Students Sign Petition in Support of ISIS
 News on the Net   -- American Life, History, Education
September 11....

New polls: GOP up on generic ballot, Scott Brown pulls to a dead heat in New Hampshire
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics
Commander in Chief's popularity always matters in an election year.

State Dept. whistleblower: Hillary allies hid Benghazi documents that would make her look bad
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics
Of course.

Latest News From China
 News on the Net   -- World News
China's Island Factory

An Unbearable and Choking Hell: The Loss of Our Freedoms in the Wake of 9/11
 John W. Whitehead   -- American Freedom
Consider the state of our freedoms, and judge for yourself whether this Constitution Day should be a day of mourning, celebration or a robust call to action

29th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago September 26-28
 Second Amendment Foundation   -- Gun Control - Second Amendment
Chicago has been ‘ground zero’ for gun some of our most important litigation and the legal precedents that we've been setting are now showing up as footnotes in rulings all the way to California.”

Learning to Speak Barry’s Language
 Judi McLeod   -- Cover Story
Fundamental Transformation of America is Obama's REAL War

The ISIS Crisis and the Coming Tyranny
 Michael Iachetta   -- Cover Story
The U.S. Constitution and the principle of self-government are both designed above all to prevent Americans from being harmed by their own government

What’s in your iPhone? - Reactions
 American Chemical Society   -- Science-Technology
Chemical elements lurking inside a smartphone

Ron (not Eric) Cantor: 7 points to ‘help’ John Kerry pimp for Islam
 Dan Calabrese   -- American Politics

President Obama on the run
 Rolf Yungclas   -- Cover Story
Obama declares war without calling it war, implementing weak military measures that in no way assure us of victory

Liberated Women and the Traditional Family
 Alan Caruba   -- Cover Story
It’s about generations of young men and women growing up in a society where a father is not an integral part of the family and the price our society pays for that

VIDEO: Cris Carter’s heartfelt words on Adrian Peterson and child abuse
 Dan Calabrese   -- Media - Media Bias

Pelosi: ‘Civilization as we know it’ is in Jeopardy if GOP takes the Senate
 Robert Laurie   -- American Politics
Head for the shelters!

The EPA is more concerned with what sounds good than what actually works
 Marita Noon   -- Global Warming-Energy-Environment
The Clean Power Plan is an extraordinary and unprecedented government overreach

Youth Shows But Half
 Jimmy Reed   -- American Life, History, Education
Bill Cosby, Old Age, Creeping dementia

Video: Report—State Dept. aides withheld info on Benghazi attack
 News on the Net   -- American Politics
'Damaging documents' separated, withheld from investigators

Where will YOU eat your apples and honey this Rosh Hashana?
 Guest Column By Israel21c   -- Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
Jewish New Year

Adrian Peterson and the Fine Line of Child Abuse
 Douglas V. Gibbs   -- American Politics
Corporal punishment or Child Abuse

Obama and his War with ISIS
 Dag Barkley   -- Cartoons
Got my game-face on...

Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details of Alleged Document Review
 Heritage Foundation By Sharyl Attkisson   -- American Politics
New Benghazi allegation puts spotlight on Hillary Clinton confidants, alleged after-hours document review.

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