November sales of were up 11.9% from the 5 year historical average of 112,348 for the month

November Auto Sales Keep Industry Nudging Towards Record Year

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TORONTO –  Vehicle sales in the Canada continued their march, albeit at a slower pace, towards potentially a record sales year, with November sales of 125,730.  While consumer confidence waned marginally for the second straight month in November according to the Conference Board of Canada, vehicle sales continued to grow through November spurred on by year end clearance efforts by manufacturers and dealers, attractive consumer incentives, combined with low finance rates.

Total November vehicle sales were 3.8% higher than last November’s sales.  Year to date sales through November of 1,566,744 are 6.5% better than last year.

For the AIAMC members the trend of better-than-market sales growth continued with the members achieving a collective sales increase of 4.5% over last November with total units sold of 72,047.  Year to date sales through November for AIAMC members of 774,858 were 12% better than last year.

Total passenger car sales grew 7.6% to 54,974 units, compared to last November, while light truck sales continued essentially flat for the second straight month, increasing 1.0% to 70,756 units.  For the AIAMC members, their car sales grew 4.9% to 42,766 units, while light truck sales rose 3.8% to 29,281 units.  In November passenger cars represented 43.7% of the total market compared to 42.2% last November, while for AIAMC members passenger car sales represented 59.4% of their total sales.

“The automotive industry in Canada, on both a vehicle production basis and a vehicle sales basis, continues to make a major contribution to the Canadian economy,” said David Adams, President of the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada.  “The automotive industry in Canada has been a bit of a bright light in economic picture that has been somewhat unsettled year to date,” added Adams.

Once again sales in November were stronger than the five year historical average.  “November sales of were up 11.9% from the 5 year historical average of 112,348 for the month,”  noted Adams .

Of the fifteen AIAMC member companies, eight had sales growth in November.  AIAMC members sales represented 57.3% of total market sales for November. 

Sales Highlights for November:

  • Audi – 1,630 up 29.6%
  • Hyundai –  10,101 up 20%
  • Kia –  5,719 up 17.8%
  • Mazda – 5,220 up 1.0%
  • Mitsubishi – 1,607 up 3.1%
  • Porsche –  251 up 164.2%
  • Subaru –  1,098 up 98.6%
  • Volkswagen –  4,659 up 16%

We trust that this information is helpful.  I would ask that you please cite the “AIAMC” or the “Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada” as the source of the data if you plan on using any of the statistics contained herein.

About the AIAMC

The AIAMC is a national industry association representing sixteen member companies which are domiciled outside of Canada and the United States.  These companies engage in the manufacturing, importation, distribution and servicing of light duty vehicles .  The members of the AIAMC were responsible for 52.8% of overall vehicle sales in 2011.  The members support some 77,000 direct and indirect jobs in Canada along with 60% of Canada’s 3,331 dealers across Canada.

Association Members

  • BMW Canada Inc.
  • Honda Canada Inc.
  • Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.
  • Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC
  • Kia Canada Inc.
  • Mazda Canada Inc.
  • Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.
  • Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc.
  • Nissan Canada Inc.
  • Porsche Cars Canada Ltd.
  • Subaru Canada Inc.
  • Suzuki Canada Inc.
  • Toyota Canada Inc.
  • Volkswagen Group Canada Inc.
  • Volvo Cars of Canada Corp.
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