Statement - GlaxoSmithKline invests $12 Million in Canada for Influenza Research

"These investments are good for Canada and good for Canadians."

Statement - GlaxoSmithKline invests $12 Million in Canada for Influenza Research

- Guest Column  Thursday, February 23, 2012
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OTTAWA,  - Rx&D President Russell Williams made the following statement today about GlaxoSmithKline plc’s new funding of $12 Million to support an additional three-years of research to monitor seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness in the elderly.

“Today’s announced investment by GlaxoSmithKline will help advance research already undertaken by supporting the tracking of the incidence and severity of diseases in elderly adults hospitalized with influenza across Canada. This funding will ensure key infrastructure will continue as surveillance research will be conducted in 40 hospitals across Canada comprising approximately 17,000 adult acute care beds, including sites in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia.”

“This announcement reflects the shared commitment by Canada’s research-based pharmaceutical industry to work with partners to invest in the health and prosperity of Canadians.”

“It is by working together that we can secure Canada’s position as a world leader in developing and delivering new health care solutions to people across Canada and throughout the world. Creating a more favourable environment for investment, by improving Canada’s intellectual property and access regimes, would help secure additional life sciences investments in Canada by the innovative pharmaceutical sector. These investments are good for Canada and good for Canadians.”

About Rx&D

Rx&D is the association of leading research-based pharmaceutical companies dedicated to improving the health of Canadians through the discovery and development of new medicines and vaccines. Our community represents 15,000 men and women working for 50 member companies and invests more than $1 billion in research and development each year to fuel Canada’s knowledge-based economy. Guided by our Code of Ethical Practices, our membership is committed to working in partnership with governments, healthcare professionals and stakeholders in a highly ethical manner.

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