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The Free West owes a debt of gratitude to Garland, Texas, where it was proven for once and for all to the outside world: Islamic terrorism can be made to lose face.
Garland, Texas Foiled First ISIS Attack on American Soil

 By Judi McLeod Full Story

It seems the left hand never tells the right hand what it’s up to down at Foggy Bottom.

Within days of the foiled terrorist attack outside the exhibit of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in Garland Texas, comes the news that the United States is offering “big payouts” (“strictly confidential”) to anyone who has “information” on key ISIS leaders.

Violence not related to Freddie Gray on the increase in Baltimore
 By Arthur Weinreb Full Story

The Baltimore Sun reports in the week since protests turned into major riots, violent crime unrelated to the riots has gone up. Since last Tuesday, there have been eight murders and 12 shootings in the Maryland city that are completely unrelated to anything to do with the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray.

Jewish holidays' guide for the perplexed - Lag Ba'Omer
 By Yoram Ettinger Full Story

Jewish fighting capabilities were well known in ancient times, as documented by Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen, the Chief Political/Intelligence Officer of the British Mandate in Palestine, who studied ancient Jewish wars, including the 132-135AD rebellion against the Roman Empire. In 1923, he stated (Middle East Diary 1917-1956): "When a Jewish state will be established, Britain shall benefit from air force, naval and land bases... as well as Jewish fighting capabilities... which will secure its long-term regional interests."

Holding the Voters in Contempt
 By Alan Caruba Full Story

Today’s lead story in The Wall Street Journal is about the result of its latest poll regarding Hillary Clinton. It says a lot about why she and the leaders of the Democratic Party must surely hold its core members in contempt. “Support for her among Democrats remains strong and unshaken.”

ISIS-Inspired Jihad Comes to Texas
 By Arnold Ahlert Full Story

A former terror suspect previously known to the FBI was one of the two men killed in the shootout at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX during the Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest organized by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI).

Geert Wilders: I Won't Stop Warning the West About Islam
 By Matthew Vadum Full Story

After two Muslim lawmakers tried to block world-renowned activist Geert Wilders from entering the country, he defiantly vowed his warnings about the existential threat Islam poses to Western civilization would never cease.

Largely Ineffective Sanctions Against Iran
 By Sierra Rayne Full Story

For those who believe that sanctions on Iran have made substantial progress towards their stated goals, a recent report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) is illuminating. The report reviews the sanctions applied against Iran by various entities and then critically examines their actual impacts. The results are not promising for those who believe sanctions are an effective tool with which to exert serious geopolitical pressure.

Message from Garland, Texas to Baltimore, Maryland
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

A clear and timely message to Baltimore, Maryland from Garland, Texas last night: police officers, risking their lives to do their jobs, keep civilian society safe.

A Pox on Baltimore
 By Alan Caruba Full Story

Thanks to an infection and the antibiotics taken to rid myself of it, I have had several days of being able to do little more than watch the news on television, listen to it on the radio, and reading about it in my daily edition of The Wall Street Journal. If there was anything else happening in the world, you would not know it because it was 24-7 Baltimore, Baltimore, Baltimore.

Climate Change now a top priority in U.S. Foreign Policy
 By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

The 2015 Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) was released on April 27. According to the website, it is “a blueprint for U.S. foreign policy.” Following the 2010 review, the 2015 version identifies priorities and reforms needed to “advance the U.S. interests articulated in the 2015 National Security Strategy.”

Pro-Israel Student Group Meets Opposition from Jewish Leadership
 By Arnold Ahlert Full Story

On Thursday, April 23rd, courage, contempt and cowardice collided during a pro-Israel campus event called "iFest" that took place at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). In the middle of the festivities, the president of the student group Anteaters for Israel (AFI), which organized the three-day event, was berated and brought to tears by the president of the Jewish Federation of Orange County (JFOC), who was among the iFest attendees. According to AFI leadership, the incident affirmed that the organization's decision to purposefully disassociate from the JFOC due to its years of questionable leadership and interference in AFI's pro-Israel activism on campus was the right course of action.

The Anti-Cartoon Jihad Comes To America
 By Matthew Vadum Full Story

Two gunmen were killed by police Sunday night after they opened fire wounding a security officer at a Texas art competition featuring works depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad, a practice that is strictly forbidden in Islam.

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Dear Baltimore Family and Friends: Y’all Bein’ Played!
 By Lloyd Marcus   --American Politics

Dear Family and Friends,

Though you have not confronted me or organized an intervention, I know many of you do not understand why I dislike Obama, vote Republican and joined the Tea Party. Y’all think, Obama is black, we’re black – so, what is my problem?

American & Canadian Politics

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In Time, Clinton Tries to Boost Self in Boosting Warren
 By Arthur Christopher Schaper   --American Politics

Time Magazine recently released their list of the 100 Hundred Most influential people for this year.

Showdown with Hillary Clinton Over Benghazi
 By Roger Aronoff   --American Politics

The liberal media remain derelict in their duty to vet presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s record on Benghazi, just as they have abandoned any pretense of holding the Obama administration accountable for the many “phony” scandals including the IRS scandal, Fast & Furious, or even the VA scandal. We have repeatedly exposed the mainstream media’s reluctance to question the Obama administration narrative on issues that might threaten their agenda.

Dust is a Worldwide Pollutant
 By Jack Dini   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

What connects Earth’s largest, hottest desert to its largest tropical rain forest? For the first time, a NASA satellite has quantified in three dimensions how much Saharan dust makes the trans-Atlantic journey. Scientists have not only measured the volume of the dust, they have also calculated how much phosphorus—remnant in Saharan sands from part of the desert’s past as a lake bed—gets carried across the ocean from one of the planet’s most desolate places to one of its most fertile. (1)

Jeb Bush wants to wish you a happy Cinco De Mayo!
 By Robert Laurie   --American Politics

Jeb Bush wants to wish you a happy Cinco De Mayo

Earlier today, we discussed the Clintons unseemly habit of pretending they’re “just like everyone else.”

American & Canadian Politics

Recent Columns

Liberty Counsel Defends Students’ Right to Pray at Graduation
 By Liberty Counsel   --Christianity - Religion

Orlando, FL - Every spring, secularists in the public school seek to remove God from graduation, and every year Liberty Counsel acts to ensure that prayer and religious viewpoints are not suppressed during the public school ceremonies. As such, Liberty Counsel is launching its thirteenth annual Friend or Foe Graduation Prayer Campaign. The campaign serves to protect religious viewpoints at graduation.

Still trying to relate: Bill and Hillary work really hard, because they ‘gotta pay the bills.’
 By Robert Laurie   --American Politics

Still trying to relate: Bill and Hillary work really hard, because they 'gotta pay the bills

Before Hillary Clinton officially launched her inevitable ascent to the Presidency, you’ll recall that she was whining about being “dead broke.”

Remember how ObamaCare was going to reduce ER visits for routine care? Yeah, about that . . .
 By Dan Calabrese   --American Healthcare

Remember how ObamaCare was going to reduce ER visits for routine care? Yeah, about that

The theory seems pretty straightforward: If more people have health coverage, more people have access to quality care.

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlan
 By News on the Net   --Canada

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement to mark the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands:

Antarctic Sea Ice Expands To New Record
 By Guest Column--Dr. Benny Peiser   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

Time to take a quick look at the sea ice situation down under, as I must have missed it on BBC News.

Chinese Financial Prowess in the Service of Political Ambitions
 By INSS--Oded Eran   --World News

A long period of consistent economic growth has enabled China to amass colossal financial resources, making it a veritable financial powerhouse.

Cain’s Checklist for Presidential Candidates
 By Herman Cain   --American Politics

As the announced presidential candidates continue to grow in number, it’s going to be harder and harder for Main Street folks like us to keep up with the similarities and the differences. This is even more difficult because of the media’s uncontrollable impulse to define each candidate based on labels, sound bites, and perceptions they want to create.

The Truth About Baltimore
 By Daniel Greenfield   --American Politics

The real victim in Baltimore is not Freddie Gray, a repeat loser who eventually died as he had lived, being arrested by the police. The real victims are not the thugs smashing and looting stores. It isn’t the young black men disproportionately stopped by the racist majority black police force in Baltimore under a racist black police commissioner for doing nothing wrong except the usual drug and weapons charges.

Dreams from Obama’s Different Fathers
 By Cliff Kincaid   --American Politics

President Obama on Monday is celebrating his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, designed to create and expand “ladders of opportunity” for young blacks, many of whom have no fathers to guide them. But does President Obama have the credibility to deal with this crisis when he has failed to acknowledge as President the debt that he owes to his mentor and father figure, Communist Frank Marshall Davis?

ISIS claims responsibility for Mohammad cartoon shooting in Texas
 By Dan Calabrese   --Crime-Terror-Security

I suppose this was inevitable, just as the shooting itself was inevitable. There may be no way of knowing for sure if ISIS directed the shooters to do what they did - either directly or indirectly - but it only makes sense that they would make this claim. They’re not likely to pay any price for doing so, and they clearly think it serves their interests to create the impression that they’re on the ground in the U.S.

Riots in America
 By Diane Weber Bederman   --Crime-Terror-Security

President Obama has responded to the riots in Baltimore by blaming the media. “One burning building will be looped on television over and over and over again, and the thousands of demonstrators who did it the right way, I think, have been lost in the discussion.”

Forward to Extinction
 By Tabitha Korol   --Media - Media Bias

Jay Michaelson, contributing editor to the Forward, holds a position of unearned, unwarranted, and undeserved influence.  Although he writes for a Jewish newspaper, he fails to inform his readers that Islam is the enemy of Israel, the Jewish people and, in fact, all of America, and makes judgments that work against their survival.

Irresponsible Provincial Budget Shouldn’t be a Surprise
 By Canadian Taxpayers Federation--Todd MacKay   --Financial, Business, Economy

This column originally ran in the Winnipeg Free Press on May 4, 2015

To be fair to Charlie Brown, Lucy always tells a creative new story to convince him to kick the football. Lucy’s audacity pales in comparison to Greg Selinger’s government. The NDP’s 2015-16 budget dispenses with even the flimsiest attempt to feign financial credibility.

EPA Water Rule “a Power Grab and Attack on Property Rights”
 By Institute for Energy Research   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

A complex rule recently proposed by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers could drastically expand the agencies’ power over almost any type of water within the United States—potentially requiring property owners to even secure “a permit for kicking some sand into a jurisdictional water.”

Jimmy Carter: Unlike Netanyahu, the leader of Hamas is really committed to peace
 By Dan Calabrese   --World News

Jimmy Carter: Unlike Netanyahu, the leader of Hamas is really committed to peace

First of all, someone here is lying. Benjamin Netanyahu says Jimmy Carter wanted to meet with him during his current visit to Israel, and Netanyahu refused.

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