Expands Toronto Service to/from Pittsburgh currently serves more than 50 cities from six hubs in the Midwest and Northeast Expands Toronto Service to/from Pittsburgh

- Guest Column  Tuesday, March 29, 2011
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NEW YORK – Toronto residents can now travel to Pittsburgh for as low as $1., a city-to-city, express bus company today named Pittsburgh as a hub and will begin daily service to and from nine new cities including Toronto on May 11.  Customers can begin booking travel today at for May 11 and beyond. will offer three daily departures on this route from its arrival and departure location in Downtown Toronto at 610 Bay St. In Canada is operated by Trentway-Wagar d.b.a. Coach Canada.

Customers are encouraged to book early to secure $1 fares. Fares always start as low as $1 and get higher as the traveling date gets closer.

“The overwhelming popularity of inspires us to expand our service reach again and from what better city than Pittsburgh,” said Dale Moser, president of Coach USA/ “As the public continues to search for ways to stretch their dollar, will continue to deliver safe, convenient and affordable travel to Toronto-area residents.”, a subsidiary of Coach USA, launched in April 2006 and has served more than 9 million travelers. currently serves more than 50 cities from six hubs in the Midwest and Northeast. In addition to low fares, offers customers environmentally-friendly buses, free Wi-Fi, power outlets and restrooms.

Visit website for additional information about the service, schedules, arrival and departure times and fares.

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