From wine tastings at the retro-fab Starlite Lounge and a celestial ride up Mount San Jacinto in the Palm Springs Aerial Tram, to dinner and s'mores around a glowing fire pit at Circa 59

Starry-Eyed Lovers Escape Winter’s Chill at Riviera Palm Springs

- News on the Net  Monday, November 19, 2012
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Riviera Palm Springs invites starry-eyed lovers to escape winter’s chill and rekindle their connection at the desert’s best kept secret with the Starlite, Star Bright lovers’ retreat, starting at $410/night*.

From wine tastings at the retro-fab Starlite Lounge and a celestial ride up Mount San Jacinto in the Palm Springs Aerial Tram, to dinner and s’mores around a glowing fire pit at Circa 59 and an out of this world Twilight Massage at SpaTerre, sparks fly in Palm Springs as the desert heat cools with the ultimate romantic retreat.

Riviera Palm Springs is an iconic playground of the past to the likes of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, characterized today as Old Hollywood glamour, with a fresh, playful twist. Creating a “re-mix” of ‘60s influences, from oversized crystal chandeliers and vibrant shag rugs, to Andy Warhol pop art and an eclectic blend of retro furnishings, Riviera Palm Springs also boasts hundreds of towering palms, sparkling pools, private cabanas and intimate poolside fire pits.

Additional information can be found in the attached press release. For more information or to book the Starlite, Star Bright package visit or call 850.668.2222.

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