Wyndham Orlando Resort Offers Basketball Buffs “Magic City” Package

Starting at $159 per night

Wyndham Orlando Resort Offers Basketball Buffs “Magic City” Package

- News on the Net  Friday, February 22, 2013
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ORLANDO – Orlando Magic lovers ready to tip-off the 2012-13 basketball season can celebrate the ultimate fan getaway with Wyndham Orlando Resort’s “Magic City” package, available now through April 30, 2013.

Starting at $159 per night, Wyndham Orlando Resort’s Magic City package invites basketball fanatics to assemble their ultimate dream team and enjoy slam dunk amenities in spacious guest rooms near the heart of Orlando.

The getaway begins at 4 p.m., when all-stars check in to find a cooler stocked with ice-cold beer awaiting them in their hotel room, before enjoying a starting lineup of 25 wings and a pitcher of beer at the on-site Gatorville Poolside Bar & Restaurant. A shuttle then escorts the “team” to a home Orlando Magic game, while a helpful Wyndham Orlando Resort concierge makes the ultimate assist with a nightly check-in to a guest’s significant other. The shot clock doesn’t stop as guests enjoy big-time fun at nearby Dave & Buster’s with $10 power cards pre-loaded and ready for action. Post-game, guests retreat to deluxe accommodations and fall into 100 percent cotton BeWellSM bedding, plumped with feather pillows – a perfect ending to a Magic day.

Wyndham Orlando Resort is the ultimate locale for ballers, exceeding expectations for a vacation resort in Orlando with an incomparable collection of great service, Florida charm and exhilarating Orlando excitement. Guests will begin to see exciting changes around Wyndham Orlando Resort in mid 2013, including modern, resort-chic décor in guest rooms and suites to surrounding I-Shops with new restaurants and retail shopping, creating more diverse dining and shopping experiences. 

To book the Magic City package, call (800) 421-8001 and request package PKGMAGIC. Reservations must be made for a minimum two-night stay at least three days in advance and are subject to availability. Components of the package are valid for up to four guests, minimum of two, who must be over the age of 21. “Magic City” package is not valid for existing reservations or groups of 10 or more.

About Wyndham® Hotels and Resorts

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, LLC, a subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (NYSE: WYN), offers upscale hotel and resort accommodations throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, China and the Caribbean. All Wyndham® hotels are either franchised by the company or managed by Wyndham Hotel Management, Inc., one of its affiliates or through a joint-venture partner. Additional information and reservations for all Wyndham hotels are available by calling (800) WYNDHAM – (800) 996-3426 – or visiting www.wyndham.com

About Wyndham Rewards

All Wyndham Hotels and Resorts guests who are Wyndham Rewards® members can earn Wyndham Rewards points, which can be redeemed for complimentary hotel stays, airline tickets, name-brand merchandise and dining and shopping gift cards, among other options. In lieu of points, Wyndham Rewards members may elect to earn airline or rail miles with a variety of participating companies. More information is available at www.wyndhamrewards.com.

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