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Latest American News

- May 3, 2015
Two gunmen 'carrying explosives' attack anti-Muslim art contest in Texas | Wright State U professor feeds students' brains with academic analysis of zombies | NYPD Officer Shot In Head In Queens Village; Suspect Held

Latest News on Baltimore Protests

- May 2, 2015
GoFundMe Denies Page for Baltimore Police Charged in Freddie Gray Death | Baltimore police union slams 'egregious rush to judgment' | Freddie Gray family lawyer was among biggest campaign donors AND 'mentor' to State's Attorney

The Pope

- May 3, 2015
Re: Vatican rewriting American Founding Father History

Report: World Health Organization Failed at Ebola Response

- May 3, 2015
This failure to act with resolve by all parties will lead to future international health crises that are worse than need be.

A Prayer for Marriage

- May 3, 2015
CFP Poetry Online

The Battle for Daraa: Shifting the Balance in Syria?

- May 3, 2015
A rebel victory in the battles in the Daraa district, on the other hand, or no decision, will leave the balance of power in the region as it is now

Dr. Ben Carson to Call For America To ‘Heal, Inspire, Revive’ After Obama

- May 3, 2015
White House Bid Announcement

Latest World News

- May 3, 2015
Zuma, Khama corner Mugabe | Carter says Hamas leader committed to peace, Netanyahu not | Israel warns of terror attack threat against Jews in Tunisia | 40 Person Mob Assaults 2 Jews on Paris’ Boulevard Voltaire

Vatican rewriting American Founding Father History

- May 3, 2015
It is well past time for the Vatican to yank Pope Francis from the classroom of Obama the Professor and to force him back into the Classroom of Christ, the Classroom of Saving Souls

Government fulfills Accuser’s role through expansive law

- May 3, 2015
Taxing unlawful marriage, medicine and eating Oreos?

Silencing skeptics, conservatives and free speech

- May 3, 2015
Congressional Democrats and Vatican join White House and Leftist assaults on basic rights

World’s Most Popular Weedkiller ‘Probably Carcinogenic’

- May 2, 2015
Glyphosate is used in more than 750 agricultural, household and forestry products

Democrat sense to destroy America

- May 2, 2015
Re: Israel’s economy defies common sense

Latest News On ISIS and Radical Islam

- May 2, 2015
Isis militants slaughter more than 300 Yazidi captives in northern Iraq | “Frightening” – UK poised to cave to this UNBELIEVABLE Muslim demand in next election

Deng Xiaoping’s Advice on Soviet Relations Applies to China

- May 2, 2015
The level of appeasement towards both the Soviets and China during the Kissinger foreign policy era is stunning

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