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Latest American News

- Dec 17, 2014
U.S. senator pledges to block efforts to normalize Cuba relations | Obama Announces U.S. and Cuba Will Resume Relations | Cop Launches His Own T-Shirt in Response to the “I Can’t Breathe” Rioters | Canada's image makeover in Washington |

America under dictatorship

- Dec 17, 2014
The New Year worry for a watching world is if Obama can open up channels for drastic policy changes in Cuba without the knowledge of the American population and Congress, when will he do the same for Iran?

Make Ready for the Christ

- Dec 17, 2014
True spiritual humility consists of surrendering yourself to God, pure and simple – it is such surrender at depth that protects the spiritually mature from arrogance and hubris; replacing pride and vanity with gratitude and devotion

Lena Dunham, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and the New Barbarism

- Dec 17, 2014
Bill Whittle: A Truth Revolt video.

Obama restoring relations with Communist Cuba

- Dec 17, 2014
I also knew I wouldn't give a hoot's-behind what anyone might think!

Prices Are Dropping, But Gas Is Still Historically Expensive

- Dec 17, 2014
EIA, gas prices, gas tax, oil production

Cuomo Gives Cold Shoulder to New York’s Poor

- Dec 17, 2014
Andrew Cuomo, hydraulic fracturing, Marcellus Shale, natural gas, New York

Ted Cruz on the passing of the Cromnibus Bill and Amnesty

- Dec 17, 2014
Wasn't the idea to stop Amnesty, noy help it?

Theaters cancelling premiers of ‘The Interview’ due to threats from Bowl Cut Jr.

- Dec 17, 2014

Latest World News

- Dec 17, 2014
Court Tells Pro-Life Midwives They Must Participate in Abortions | US Slams EU Removal of Hamas from Terror Blacklist | Canadian oil sands exporters narrowly survive ‘dirty oil’ vote | Russia's sinking economy becoming a global threat |

It’s never about Islam

- Dec 17, 2014
Shootings, beheadings, vehicular homicides, bombs, knives, axes and free-flowing blood of innocents; but it has nothing to do with Islam

The Light of the World

- Dec 17, 2014
On Christmas day, recall how light heralded the coming of Light to a world filled with darkness; darkness that can only be overcome by the clarity of God’s spirit among us – a babe who is Emmanuel.

Obama, Boehner and the trillion dollar spending bill

- Dec 17, 2014
Bill felt alot like how ObamaCare was muscled into law

Principles of Constitutionalism: The Moral Basis for the Constitution in Natural Law

- Dec 17, 2014
It was to the compact of the Constitution that our people originally acceded out of a desire to safeguard their liberties before God, and no subsidiary law or office can overturn that primal accession

U.S. and Cuba Swap Prisoners; Obama Ends Isolation Policy

- Dec 17, 2014
President Obama unveiled the most dramatic change in U.S. policy toward Cuba since the 1961 embargo.

Students Sign Petition to Make Jonathan Gruber Sec. of Defense

- Dec 17, 2014
Dan Joseph man-on-the-street interview

UN: Turning back the clock to pre-1948 is the real endgame

- Dec 17, 2014
Apparently, a direct attack on the legitimacy of the UN member state of Israel is now interpreted in UN circles as consistent with the principles of the United Nations.

Jaguar heads 2014’s class of TechnoFile’s most interesting vehicles

- Dec 17, 2014
Jaguar really needed a car like this

Star Trek TNG goes out with a bang on Blu-ray

- Dec 17, 2014
If you're a Trekkie waiting to finish off your set, it's a definite must have

It’s not just executive orders: Obama breaks record skirting the law via memoranda

- Dec 17, 2014
Anything to get what he wants.

Obama to announce normalization of relations with Cuba today at noon

- Dec 17, 2014
Castro Si, Freedom no!....

Try to have a good day…

- Dec 17, 2014
Is it just me or has anybody else noted Obama is kissing the collective a$$es of any and all enemies of the United States?

Fayetteville, Arkansas, Pastors and Churches Win Big Victory

- Dec 17, 2014
When people unite, they can make a difference.

Jeb Bush’s Common Core Problem

- Dec 17, 2014
Bush’s longstanding support for Common Core is no secret

New Era Of Cheap Energy ‘Will Destroy Green Energy Revolution’

- Dec 17, 2014
Winners And Losers Of The Oil Price Plunge

Law Enforcement and National Security vs. Global Business Interests

- Dec 17, 2014
The ability to fight 21st century crime and terrorism

Using parasites to fight autoimmune diseases

- Dec 17, 2014
Israeli expert is experimenting with intestinal parasites to fight conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

International Emissions Idiocy

- Dec 17, 2014
The COP20 conference was not about the climate. It was about funding wind and solar energy projects that have proven globally to be huge, expensive failures, and about providing money to poor countries

Political Journalism Endangers Our Survival

- Dec 17, 2014
Narrative journalism; We now have fake reverends with criminal pasts and huge tax evasion bills telling us how to behave properly, how to loot and burn a city down in the name of social justice, and to stoke enmity between races for financial gain

Navy creates robotic underwater drone that looks and swims like a shark

- Dec 17, 2014
Cue the Jaws theme.

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