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Latest Media News

- May 30, 2015

Obama’s Media Hacks Desperately Trying to Blame ISIS Defeat on Republicans
Harry Truman said the buck stopped with him. Obama claims the buck stops with everyone else.

A Chaplain’s Response to a Court-Martialed US Marine

- May 30, 2015

RIVERSIDE, Calif.,—Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling suffered a court martial indictment after she placed a military leadership quote mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures on her computer at her desk at Camp Lejune, North Carolina. The quote was “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17, KJV).

Gallup Poll: 55% of Americans Want All or Most Abortions Made Illegal

- May 30, 2015

A new Gallup poll finds a majority of Americans oppose all or most abortions even though some Americans who technically take a pro-life position opposing abortion wrongly think they are “pro-choice” on abortion.

How Can Christians Defend Slavery?

- May 30, 2015

How can Americans defend our history of slavery? We can’t! American enslavement of blacks is an inconvenient truth that has no defense. Yes, there is plenty of guilt for everyone including the black chiefs who sold other blacks for hundreds of years before Arab slavers approached the African coast. But that does not absolve others of the horrible guilt.

A Virtuous Society

- May 30, 2015

Benjamin Franklin emphasized that without virtue, free societies could not properly function.  He said, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

Hillary’s media coverage as poor as her southern accent

- May 30, 2015

The media should be having a field day with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. For her entire political life, Hillary Clinton’s name has been synonymous with scandal. From cattle futures to the Rose Law Firm to the White Travel Office, Hillary Clinton was never far from the scandals that plagued her husband’s presidency.

Iran’s School Textbooks—can Congress afford to ignore it?

- May 30, 2015

Iranian school textbooks, such as The Qur’an and Life (Grade 12, p. 125) prepare Iranian children for the Ayatollahs’ sublime goal: the apocalyptic, horrifying, millenarian, military battle against the USA and other “arrogant oppressors of the world,” which are ostensibly led by “idolatrous devils.”  While the “savior”—the infallible, immortal, divinely ordained and eventual global leader, the Mahdi—has not surfaced yet, Iranian children are taught that the battle is already raging throughout the world, awaiting their sacrifice.

Officials: Shootings Involving Children Up 500 Percent From Last Year

- May 30, 2015

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–A young child, killed in a double shooting in southwest Baltimore just as another young victim is released from the hospital, with a bullet still in his leg. Police say it’s all part of a disturbing and growing trend.

Anti-Semitic fliers found in neighborhoods across region (Maryland)

- May 30, 2015

A day after anti-Semitic fliers papered a neighborhood in Chevy Chase, similar fliers turned up in a D.C. neighborhood, and people throughout the region said they had also seen the hateful leaflets at their doorsteps.

‘The News’ now planted progressive propaganda

- May 29, 2015

In October of 2008 Obama and the Dems threw the Fundamental Transformation of America up in garish, jaw-dropping neon lights and the world thereafter was never to be the same.

The communications world now digital gave an about-to-be-jettisoned America its first digital dictator.

Back then David Axelrod astroturfing portrayed Obama’s promised Brave New World as an empty screen, one on which Obama could be projected in whatever image folk wanted him to be, history’s first free phone and easy food stamp president.

Embedded Advisors are Key to winning against the Islamic State

- May 29, 2015

“I saw the war through the eyes of the Vietnamese people. I saw the war through the eyes of villagers that I lived with. I saw the war through the eyes of Vietnamese soldiers and Marines there weren’t there on one-year tours, but were there for the duration.  I saw the war from the Delta to the DMZ. I saw the war from Cambodia to the coastal plains in the east. And it was a totally different perspective than I was hearing from my counterparts.”
– Gen. Anthony Zinni, speaking of his tour-of-duty as an Adviser in Vietnam

Blatter Wins Re-election but FIFA Is Now a Boat That Won’t Stop Rocking

- May 29, 2015

Dawn raids on glass towered corporate offices from Zurich to Miami! Indictments, extradition proceedings, executives in jail! But meanwhile the Kingpin of the entire operation puts on a brave face and says he will clean up the corruption, the same cleaning up he’s been promising for over a decade.

You might think you’ve just stumbled across a preview of the latest Jack Ryan adventure or maybe a Washington expose by Bill O’Reilly. But this is the world of professional football (soccer), and the man at the top of the totem pole is every bit as skilled in politics and corruption as the Clinton’s.

Most Democrats Think Illegal Immigrants Should Vote

- May 29, 2015

Are voters ready to let illegal immigrants vote? A sizable number, including most Democrats, are.

Guy Who Created Obama’s ‘Hope’ Poster: ‘Americans Are Ignorant And Lazy&#821

- May 29, 2015

Shepard Fairey, the artist who designed Barack Obama’s “Hope” poster that symbolized his 2008 campaign, said that he thinks Americans are largely “ignorant, lazy, uneducated and complacent.”

Pro-Crime Policies Work

- May 29, 2015

Despite a generation in which radical anti-crime policies such as enforcing the law and locking up criminals slashed murder rates, there’s still plenty of debate over whether anti-crime policies work.

But no one can argue over whether pro-crime policies work.

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