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Latest American News

- Apr 23, 2015
Picture of Police Officer Eating With Homeless Man Goes Viral | Solar energy project killed 3,500 birds | Hillary Clinton Pushes Abortion in First Speech as Candidate: Too Many Women “Denied” Abortions

Bruce Jenner, Get Real

- Apr 25, 2015
Whether he wears high heels or not, Jenner’s still what his Creator made him--a guy.

Gay Marriage: A Trojan Horse Movement

- Apr 25, 2015
Cultural Marxism, Culturl Terrorism

Latest News on Nepal earthquake

- Apr 25, 2015
Nepal quake triggers avalanche on Mount Everest | Google executive among the 18 killed On Everest | Monster Nepal 7.8 earthquake | Nepal earthquake: Hundreds die, many feared trapped | Agency: Death toll surpasses 1,400 people

The Holder Legacy: Contemptible Corruption, Racial Injustice—- or, “Golden Years”?

- Apr 25, 2015
An age in which the Attorney General was held in contempt of Congress. An age in which the Attorney General refused to prosecute an IRS manager who willfully used the IRS against political opponents of Barack Obama


- Apr 25, 2015
Adorable Baby Horse Tackles Woman For A Hug

A deep divide within our government

- Apr 25, 2015
Electing people with good intentions but without the necessary training or track record

“Carbon Monoxide” - another Baseless Scare Story

- Apr 25, 2015
Modern coal-powered generators produce clean silent heat, light and power for homes, schools and industry, with zero chance of carbon monoxide accumulating indoors.

Latest World News

- Apr 25, 2015
Jean Chrétien to meet Putin in Moscow to discuss West's relations with Russia | At least 906 killed as 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits Nepal | You Have Come To The Attention Of The Authorities

Dumbest statement ever: Pete Rose ‘has served his time’

- Apr 25, 2015
No he hasn't. His "time" is life, and that needs to mean something.

Have You Demanded a “Right to Kill” Recently?

- Apr 25, 2015
Between terrorism and verbalized threats, I think Mr. Bandow's justifications need a little more work before people actually listen to him, or assign any value to his opinions

K-12 Education is a Crooked House

- Apr 25, 2015
Common Core is a repackaging of all the bad ideas from the last 75 years but now locked-in by federal regulation

United Nations’ Negotiating Text Ignores UN Science

- Apr 25, 2015
Emissions, social cost of carbon, United Nations

It’s Time for Eureka, California!

- Apr 25, 2015
The natural resources remain, the people have the skills and the strengths. Now they need to work together to establish the rule of the law, individual liberty, limited government, and respect and submission to the United States Constitution.

Peace and a new beginning are not on the horizon

- Apr 24, 2015
Make no mistake: the war everyone fears is already here

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