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Thank you, Judi

- May 25, 2015

RE:  Obama’s Memorial Day Ice Cream Gloat

Thank you for the poignant comments and for remembering our Service men and women, God Bless you.

Absolutely not the time to be silent

- May 23, 2015

There are many who believe we are quite probably living in the most dangerous time in world history.

End this Tyranny

- May 23, 2015

Tyranny is defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary as:  cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others; a government in which all power belongs to one person.  Escaping the tyranny of a monarch was the reason America was founded.  Our Declaration of Independence from another country, England, states: “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”  Our forefathers fought a war to earn America’s freedom from tyranny.

India Won’t Shift Away From Coal, Minister Tells UN

- May 22, 2015

India has told a high-level energy meeting here that it will not be fair to expect it to move away from coal to meet energy requirements of millions of Indians, underscoring that coal will continue to remain the “mainstay” of its energy needs for the “foreseeable future.”—Press Trust of India, 22 May 2015

Migrating golden eagles to be slaughtered in Ontario

- May 22, 2015

In October/November each year, as snow covers their hunting grounds, golden eagles from Canada fly south to warmer climates in the United States. Those migrating from Northern Ontario and the western half of Quebec (all the way up to the Ungava Peninsula) must deal with a major obstacle: the Great Lakes.

Stop coddling minorities and blaming everyone else

- May 21, 2015

Nine bikers dead in brawl in Waco, Texas, got much less coverage than Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown or Tony Robinson. Why? One can only speculate that bikers generate far less politically correct outrage than do young black men.

The Alberta Disadvantage - Lessons for Wyoming

- May 21, 2015

A Commentary by Maureen Bader, Wyoming Liberty Group

In Governor Mead’s 2015 supplemental budget, the governor called on the legislature to set up a reserve account for an industrial park, and the legislature complied with a $5 million appropriation. The idea comes from the Industrial Heartland in Alberta, Canada, an industrial park funded by the provincial and various local governments to attract oil and gas companies to the province.

Jeb Bush Criticises Obama For Exaggerating Climate Change

- May 21, 2015

U.S. Republican Jeb Bush said on Wednesday that the Earth’s climate is changing but that scientific research does not clearly show how much of the change is due to humans and how much is from natural causes. While President Barack Obama and many scientists believe humans are largely to blame for climate change, Bush said the degree of human responsibility is uncertain. The former Florida governor challenged Obama’s determination earlier in the day that climate change is now a threat to U.S. national security.—Reuters, 21 May 2015

Private rail—unlike Amtrak’s monopoly—must emphasize safety to win customers

- May 21, 2015

OAKLAND, California—When you look at America’s transportation network broadly, there can be little doubt that getting government out of the passenger train business would likely improve safety.

Europe’s New Coal Rush

- May 20, 2015

Balkan countries and Ukraine are making “substantial investments” in polluting coal power stations to sell cheap electricity to the European Union, as the bloc searches for new suppliers to reduce its dependence on Russian gas.

Backyard unit eats trash to make biofuel

- May 20, 2015

When UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visited the sukkah of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin during the Jewish harvest holiday last October, he was treated to a demo of a machine the government has given to Bedouin families to convert organic waste into clean biogas for cooking, heating and lighting, as well as organic liquid crop fertilizer.

Liberals listen to the wrong experts

- May 20, 2015

Energy analyst Tom Adams remains critical of Ed Clark who is advising Wynne on the partial sale of Hydro One.  Clark does not take into consideration the financial hole left behind when Ontario’s take of $4 billion and a sizable chunk of the utility’s future revenue stream is out of the electricity system.

Hillary Clinton’s emails and her part in the events in Benghazi

- May 19, 2015

Even the most ardent Hillary Clinton supporters must admit that her behavior regarding her emails doesn’t pass the smell test.

Chinese Privatisation Plans May Kick-Start Another Shale Revolution

- May 19, 2015

China is aiming to take private investment freedom one step further and allow foreign firms to secure oil and natural gas blocks in some areas and operate them themselves.

Our crumbling infrastructure

- May 18, 2015

Our highway system in the United States is dangerously neglected. It may not be as obvious in the south, but in the north, weather and heavy use have left the roads potholed, patched and ridged to the extent that you know your alignment is shot. Twenty-five percent of bridges nationwide need repairs or replacement.

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