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Death by drone of an United States aid worker

- Apr 24, 2015
We don't negotiate for hostages but we do for traitors

Obama Puts Heat On India Over Climate Commitments

- Apr 23, 2015
India: No Climate Deal Without Western Climate Finance

Supreme Court has anti-religious agenda

- Apr 23, 2015
Re: “Court rules Quebec council prayer illegal” (April 15).

Our wayward planet

- Apr 22, 2015
The lack of American leadership the past six years has emboldened our enemies wishing us harm to challenge our Judeo-Christian ethic way of life

Ontario Tobacco Tax Revenue ….Gone in a puff of smoke

- Apr 22, 2015
1 in 3 cigarettes sold in Ontario are illicit:

Cannabis extract to be used to treat diabetes

- Apr 22, 2015
ISA Scientific plans a Phase 2 trial to test the effects of a cannabinoid compound against diabetes as well as inflammatory and heart diseases.

China’s President In Pakistan To Cement Huge Coal Power Projects

- Apr 20, 2015
Obama's Green Obsession Opens Door For China's Global Energy Strategy

Anti-Ccmmunist Parade in Brazil

- Apr 19, 2015
Video with translated English subtitles of Anti-Ccommunist Parade in April 12, 2015

Attempts to stifle debate by far-left House members are reminiscent of McCarthy era

- Apr 17, 2015
The fact is that congressional smear-mongering is really a form of political bullying.

India To Overtake China As The World’s Biggest Coal Importer

- Apr 17, 2015
India To Become Fastest Growing Country, Overtaking China

More Judicial Activism

- Apr 17, 2015
The failed appointment of Justice Marc Nadon to the top court

Three Ways ISIS and Its Supporters Could Strike America

- Apr 15, 2015
Our borders are so ridiculously unsecured that there might as well be neon signs flashing that say “Jihadists Welcome” upon entrance into the U.S. from Mexico and Canada.

Obama Isolated As U.S. Allies Join China’s New Coal Bank

- Apr 15, 2015
US Losing Allies & Global Influence Over Obama’s Green Obsession

Scientific breakthrough as Israelis find cancer-suppressing proteins

- Apr 15, 2015
The ubiquitin system produces two substances that greatly restrict the development of cancerous tumors.

Old guard Republican Party is nothing more than Democrat lite

- Apr 13, 2015
The Republican Party is not our party anymore

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