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Warner Todd Huston’s thoughtful commentary, sometimes irreverent often historically based, is featured on many websites such as gatewaypundit.com, renewamerica.us, rightwingnews.com, chicagonow.com, among many, many others. He has also written for several history magazines, has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows and appears in the new book “Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture,” which can be purchased on amazon.com. He is also the owner and operator of Publius’ Forum.

Warner can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Utah Sen. Mike Lee Scolds Conservatives at CPAC 2015: Beware of ‘Unserious’ Candidates

- Feb 26, 2015
Lee warned his audience against the platitudes and talking points of candidates who are just throwing out red meat and urged them to reconsider the candidates in the light of serious policy ideas.

News Wire Caught Lying About Flood ‘Caused’ by Israel, Then Retracts False Story

- Feb 24, 2015
Gaza village floods after Israel opens dam gates

Poll Reveals The Lawlessness of Democrats (And Not Just That of Party Leaders)

- Feb 22, 2015
Democrats are lawless. Period: 43% of Democrats believe the president should have the right to ignore the courts

VIDEO: Warner Todd Huston on NewsMax TV

- Feb 21, 2015
Controversy over foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. Curious case of Muslim media bias in Detroit

Barack Obama Lies, Says Islam is Part of America’s Founding

- Feb 20, 2015
So, no, Barack, the USA is not "woven" with Islam. Islam is an enemy to the founding and runs counter to our American ideals

Liberals Should Celebrate ISIS as Most Perfect Non-Profit Ever Begun

- Feb 19, 2015
Yes, ISIS–or ISIL, if you prefer–is the perfect embodiment of the selfless, all volunteer, non-profit force that the Obamas tout.

City Being Forced to ‘Negotiate’ With Union Despite That No Employees Belong

- Feb 17, 2015
A clear example that public employee unions are antithetical to good government and should be eliminated

Most Presidential Experts Agree: Obama is Worst President In History

- Feb 16, 2015
One of the most polarizing figure ever to sit in the White House

Report: Last Year Obama Attended Wedding With Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers

- Feb 14, 2015
Obama has consistently denied any close relations with Ayers, the former terrorist himself has confirmed that he was indeed close enough to the Obamas to help launch Barack's political career

Obama’s Anti-Israel Rhetoric in Softball Vox Interview

- Feb 13, 2015
So, it is interesting that Obama used this dog whistle word originally applied to Jews, isn’t it? It seems that Obama is trying to blame Jews for all this, doesn’t it?

Obama Lies About How Many Women Have Been Raped in America

- Feb 11, 2015

Muslims Think They Should Be Allowed to Ban ‘Others’ From Public Cemetery

- Feb 9, 2015
Yet another example of the arrogance, hate, and incivility of Islam

Fake Watchdog Group, Southern Poverty Law Center Puts Ben Carson on ‘Extremist’ Watch List

- Feb 8, 2015
These people, the SPLC and the media alike, hate, hate, hate successful black men... especially when they are conservatives

Louisiana Gov. Jindal Calls Islamic Terror What It Is

- Feb 5, 2015
Jindal had the guts to speak this truth and he deserves recognition for it.

Gallup Polling Org Rips Obama’s Fake Recovery As Jobless

- Feb 5, 2015
Obama has made it a practice to lie about every policy he inflicts upon the country. So, why the "educated" have taken six years to learn this is beyond me

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