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Greg Halvorson is an island of conservative clarity in the liberal armpit of Portlandia, Oregon.  The host of Live with Greg Halvorson, he regularly drives liberals berserk at The Conservative Hammer Facebook page.  His Twitter handle is @GHalv. 

Greg Halvorson can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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We Were Warned

- Jun 20, 2014
Obama, skin notwithstanding, is a whale of a danger to America

The Obama press conference — a smug, shameful liar on display

- Apr 20, 2014
Thank you Media for turning “journalism” into the vocational equivalent of making out in the balcony

American educators are finally taking steps to jail students who use car-trunks to store dangerous p

- Apr 6, 2014

Free at last, free at last: celebrating the right to free-LOAD, at last

- Feb 13, 2014
The Government is in the business of ensuring equality, a “level field” for anyone who values Whitman over work, toying over sowing, and chilling over drilling

Thanksgiving 2013: ObamaCare-Zombie Survival Guide… OY!!

- Nov 28, 2013
God bless you and your family--morons included

ObamaCare’s Real “War on Women”

- Nov 14, 2013
Yes, “freedom”—now defined by contraceptive subsidies forced on taxpayers via mandates on private firms

ObamaCare: be afraid, be VERY AFRAID

- Oct 29, 2013
What is ObamaCare?

The White House Press Corps: zero questions for the Zero on ZeroCare

- Oct 9, 2013
Once upon a time, the White House Press Corps held presidents to account

Wrestling with the I.O.C: a shortsighted, tragic decision

- Feb 20, 2013
International Olympic Committee’s recent decision to drop wrestling as an Olympic sport

Empty rhetoric and meaningless lines: the Obama non-presidency

- Feb 14, 2013
Obama loves rhetoric. Desires all the trappings of power, Bully Pulpit, Megaphone, pomp, primacy, but none of the responsibility or accountability of the job

The Year 2012… Farce, fiasco, fascism, and faith

- Dec 31, 2012
Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven

Obama: the same man….

- Dec 20, 2012
Obama is a leftist, you see–a purveyor of lies, deceit, corruption, malfeasance, demagoguery, and “legal plunder” for the purpose of power and political control

Record Low U.S. Birth Rates: canary enter coal mine

- Dec 12, 2012
Religion, Morals, Christianity, Racism

Thanksgiving 2012: struggling with the “happy” thing

- Nov 22, 2012
Misery is the Democrats’ ally

What we lost on November 6th

- Nov 9, 2012
What was at stake - and lost - last Tuesday?

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