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Arnold was an op-ed columist with the NY Post for eight years, currently writing for JewishWorldReview.com and FrontPageMag.com. Arnold can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Japan Targeted by ISIS

- Jan 21, 2015
Two hostages will be killed unless a $200 million ransom is paid.

Duke Reverses Muslim Call to Prayer Decision

- Jan 16, 2015
Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association behind the effort

Huckabee on God, Guns, Grits and Gravy

- Jan 15, 2015
A proud member of “flyover country” takes on the cultural elite in his new book. It's "Bubba-ville" versus "Bubble-ville."

Cyber Insecurity

- Jan 14, 2015
The troubling implications of the Central Command social media hacking

Greek Radical Left on the March

- Jan 9, 2015
Syriza: The Coalition of the Radical Left, is poised to assume the reins of power

Boehner Survives

- Jan 7, 2015
Embattled speaker retains position after historic defection of House conservatives.

The ‘Good War’ Obama Surrendered

- Jan 2, 2015
Thousands of American lives squandered as the Radical-in-Chief oversees the triumph of the enemy.

Trouble in Berkeley, Missouri

- Dec 25, 2014
Holder and Obama prefers the company of uber race-baiter Al Sharpton. It is this trio of men, along with New York's equally feckless Mayor, Bill de Blasio, who have cultivated the "us against them" mentality

Army Chaplain Punished for Mentioning Faith

- Dec 24, 2014
Spreading holiday fear.

Obama’s ‘Operation Choke Point’

- Dec 18, 2014
Why the administration’s crusade against lawful U.S. businesses won’t be discontinued anytime soon

Taliban School Slaughter

- Dec 17, 2014
Islamic child sacrifice reaches grisly new low in Pakistan

Budget Battle Royale

- Dec 12, 2014
The “CRomnibus” bill pushes through.

The Senate CIA Report and Democratic Treachery

- Dec 10, 2014
Putting American lives on the line for a political payout

Rushing the National Defense Authorization Act

- Dec 5, 2014
lame-duck Congress puts military lives on the line.

Amnesty Showdown

- Dec 3, 2014
How will the GOP respond to Obama’s executive power grab?

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