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President Obama obfuscating the truth

- Dec 21, 2014
Executive Orders or Memoranda?

Obama; From Hollywood hero to zero?

- Dec 20, 2014
The Interview, Sony Pictures

New policy on Cuba

- Dec 20, 2014
The fact that Cuban Americans are rallying against the new relationship is telling

Sony pictures and the American public

- Dec 19, 2014
The Interview

Americans Under Stress

- Dec 19, 2014
Rewritten history

Headed for Another Crash

- Dec 18, 2014
Banks and Borrowers

Over stressed and frustrated

- Dec 18, 2014
Life should not be this complicated

New Era Of Cheap Energy ‘Will Destroy Green Energy Revolution’

- Dec 17, 2014
Winners And Losers Of The Oil Price Plunge

Using parasites to fight autoimmune diseases

- Dec 17, 2014
Israeli expert is experimenting with intestinal parasites to fight conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Loophole In UN Climate Deal Lets Countries Avoid CO2 Targets

- Dec 15, 2014
UN Adopts ‘Toothless’ Climate Deal After Negotiations Fell Apart

Narrow our job skills gap by building educational pipelines

- Dec 12, 2014
Through talent pipeline management, we can achieve truly demand-driven education and workforce systems to help create opportunities for individuals, ensure a steady flow of qualified workers to enable allow businesses to thrive and grow

More Hot Air

- Dec 12, 2014
The only fact in the climate control debate is that the truth doesn't matter

Rich Nations Get Cold Feet Over $100 Billion Climate Fund Promise

- Dec 12, 2014
'Deadlock' Time As Annual Climate Ritual Nears Its Peak

Racial Divide and Distrust

- Dec 12, 2014

US Spending Bill Blocks Obama’s UN Climate Fund $Billions

- Dec 11, 2014
'Poor Nations Will Need Up To $1.5 Trillion Climate Funding Per Year By 2050'

Contradictions and bias undermine credibility of the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise Study

- Dec 11, 2014

Beheading vs Waterboarding Interrogation

- Dec 11, 2014
USA; the only side with rules

Unconventional Oil Revolution Rocks Green Agenda

- Dec 10, 2014
North America To Flood The World With Cheap & Abundant Fossil Fuels

Wearable technology is breakthrough for Parkinson’s

- Dec 10, 2014
Intel’s advanced analytics team in Israel built the heart of a new device to collect, analyze and transmit a wealth of symptom data to reveal new insights.

Hollowing Our Military

- Dec 9, 2014
The state of our Navy

UN Climate Poker In Lima

- Dec 9, 2014
Developing Nations Strengthen Alliance To Counter Western Pressure

Surprise, Surprise: China Rejects Emissions Pledge Review

- Dec 8, 2014
Green Blob's Annual Ritual Hits Rift Over Pledges, Climate $Trillions

Fanning the flames of unrest

- Dec 5, 2014
Irresponsibility of the media in Ferguson, Missouri

India Won’t Sign Climate Deal That Threatens Its Economic Growth

- Dec 5, 2014
Japan’s CO2 Emissions Hit Record - Germany Set For Near Record Coal Imports

Obama’s China Deal Backfires

- Dec 5, 2014
Emboldened China Plays $100 Billion Trump Card

Fed’s QE strategy lets trillions of dollars sit idle—slowing the recovery

- Dec 4, 2014
Imperative that the Fed start to reverse its QE purchases

New Science Scandal

- Dec 4, 2014
Scientists Accused Of Plotting To Get Pesticides Banned

Benny Peiser Testimony At The US Senate Committee On Environment And Public Works

- Dec 3, 2014
EU’s unilateral climate policy is absurd and suicidal

Power charge your phone at the café

- Dec 3, 2014
Starbucks and Powermat roll out revolutionary wireless charging stations to banish ‘dead battery anxiety.’

Two ways to strengthen neighborhoods

- Dec 2, 2014
The ranting and raving of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson

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