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Dr. Phil Taverna


Dr. Phil is the author of YourDemocracyChange.Com. and “Is Now the Time for Revolution or Aggressive Reform: Volume 1”.  Dr. Phil seeks a solution to the bipolarization of America and a common sense solution to bringing peace to the political anger. He has hosted talk radio shows and has written newspaper and internet columns.

Dr. Taverna has presented seminars nationally.  He has attended Utica College of Syracuse University,  Wagner College, NYU School of Dentistry, and Seton Hall School of Law.

Dr. Taverna can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Why Waste your Time Voting!

- Jun 7, 2013
Remember the corruption starts at home and works its way up to Obama.

Benghazi: Hillary,  Maybe it Does Make a Difference!

- May 30, 2013
Has Obama surrendered the interests and freedoms of America?

Agenda 21 Part 2 and the Support of the NY Times

- May 23, 2013
Will the true and honest scientists please stand up!

Tiger: New Rules for Different Players.  It is Just like the Constitution!

- Apr 25, 2013
There are no do overs in golf. For Obama everything he does is a do over

Leno: Like a Cat will always End up on His Feet!

- Apr 11, 2013
We don't know how much he has left in the tank, but his bag of tricks probably holds a few curve balls for the NBC brass.

Capitalism and Free Masons ... Are You Kidding?

- Apr 4, 2013
Taxpayer beware! Especially when more people are collecting welfare in your state then are actually working! That will not end well!

Low Information Voters

- Mar 21, 2013
The battle can be won in the trenches if we focus on capitalism. The social issues can be dealt with after you win... not before

Sequester Me Bro, or Else

- Mar 4, 2013
These cuts he refers to are the cuts he agreed to. So they are Obama's dumb cuts

Killing Kennedy by O’Reilly

- Feb 22, 2013
Some things never change!

Do you Care about the True Meaning of the Obama Speech? (Part One)

- Feb 2, 2013
Obama and Biden have been telling us the economy is recovering for the last three years

Yorktown: Did they Fight for Freedom or for Nothing

- Jan 18, 2013
Victory at Yorktown

2012 The Year of Enlightenment

- Dec 27, 2012
Republican Mandates, Obama has failed to protect our children, our nation

Original Argument: Maybe We should Stop Arguing and Just Fix the Problem

- Nov 15, 2012
A great deal of our representatives are like Obama. Basically, people who have accomplished nothing in their lives and they want a shot at the brass ring

Obama Told You to Inflate Your Tires and You would be Fine. All would be fine!

- Nov 2, 2012
Aren't you tired of the pessimist by the name of Obama? Are you ready for a change!

Obama Lied about Libya and People Died

- Nov 2, 2012
The Obama doctrine is a failure. It is time for a change before more Americans die at the hands of Al-Qaeda

Obama’s Final Report Card… We can only Hope!

- Oct 18, 2012
Straight A's for lying with such arrogance

Romney’s 47 Percent: Is it a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? Ask Bozo the Clown!

- Oct 1, 2012
Let’s get a real president in the Oval Office. We don’t need a legal minded community organizer; we need a businessman who has made millions helping others to make millions!

If Obama’s Economy is a Joke, then What is Clinton Lying about Again!

- Sep 28, 2012
Can you find any reason to believe that Obama has done anything to make the middle class stronger?

Are You the Forgotten Man? Part 2

- Aug 23, 2012
In November, do you want a job to pick from or an entitlement to stand in line for?

Are You the Forgotten Man?

- Jul 2, 2012
These liberals will make sure as they bombard us with their useless and costly programs like Obamacare, they won’t be paying for it, you, the Forgotten Men and Women will pay for it.

Report Card #2: Betcha Obama Wishes he could Vote Present. Or will he get a Pass?

- Jun 9, 2012
On November 6, 2012 the voters of The United States of America get to sign off on the final Obama report card

Obama Fiasco over the Same Sex Debacle!

- May 31, 2012
It is clear that most voters in almost all states are against sharing their “marriage” with the Gay and Lesbian crowd.

Bin Laden one, Obama one; well, maybe?

- May 10, 2012
I Hope the American people are smart enough to Change the person that sits in the Oval Office of the Whitehouse.

Can We Learn from Killing Lincoln, or Is it Too Late to Fix their Mistakes?

- May 7, 2012
Please, Don’t let history repeat itself, over and over!

Is it a $3 dollar Raffle to see Obama and Clooney or Just a Scam to Get Your Money?

- Apr 30, 2012
Lady Obama and the wasted $500,000

Silver Spoon Obama: Is he Calling the Kettle Black?

- Apr 26, 2012
A poor black man on his way to Harvard Law School takes a little time (a month) to fly to Kenya to meet his relatives; he goes to a private school in Hawaii. I think Obama may be confused by the notion of a silver spoon.

Obama and his War on Women: Is it Actually for Real!

- Apr 16, 2012
The Democrats intentionally destroyed the economy to win the 2008 election.

Times Poll Destroys any Sanctity of Obamacare. Who is the Forgotten Man?

- Apr 2, 2012
When people learn about how useless Obamacare really is and how expensive it will become, the more people will end up not voting for ObamaCare

Obama the Oil King and Leader of the Flat Earth Crowd, Is it Time for a Change!

- Mar 29, 2012
So why are we listening to the liberals today? Obamacare hurt the economy and now Obama “don’t drill for oil here president” will continue to hurt the economy.

O’Malley lies for Obama: Obama expects you to Vote for Him and his Comrades!

- Mar 22, 2012
Under Obamacare we all have paid more for healthcare. And you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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