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John Lillpop


John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal. “Clean and sober” since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. Pray for John: He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people like Nancy Pelosi are actually considered normal!.

John can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Barack Has Given Up on Legacy—-Now Covets Martyrdom!

- Nov 27, 2014
Barack Obama demonstrated that he does not give a tinker’s dam about America, the American people, or our Democratic republic

Obama to Atone for Legacy of Racial Discrimination with Reparations Decree?

- Nov 26, 2014
Is a Reparations Decree on Obama’s agenda? Most racist president in US history!

“Legacy of Racial Discrimination,” to Blame for Violence in Ferguson?

- Nov 25, 2014
Isn't it about time to jettison the so-called “Legacy of Racial Discrimination” out of existence in order to eliminate a lame excuse for unacceptable violence, Mr. President?

Given GOP Timidity, Why Would Obama Even Consider Compromise?

- Nov 23, 2014
Boehner on his knees seeking a reprieve from public enemy number one so that the Republicans could take credit for stabbing the American citizenry in the back!

Executive Orders Next GOP President MUST Decree!

- Nov 23, 2014
Undoing the travesties produced by reckless progressives

Gut-Wrenching Challenge: Remaining Respectful & Reasonable during Obama Atrocities

- Nov 23, 2014
I wish no ill to befall Barack Obama. May his future be blessed with important and rewarding opportunities---in places other than the Oval Office and outside American politics!

Despite Lawless Immigration Decree, Obama Urges Ferguson Protesters to Honor Rule of Law!

- Nov 22, 2014
You turn away from the rule of law pap and head home to collect your gun for the protest!

“Gruber-Gate” Permeates Obama’s Tyrannical Rule!

- Nov 15, 2014
Once again, Obama and the Democrats are counting on the “stupidity” of the American people, the citizens

A Huge Thank You, AND an Apology to Our Beloved Vets!

- Nov 11, 2014
God Bless American Veterans…. not just today, but every day!

Democrats Need to Be More Inclusive!

- Nov 8, 2014
So when will the Democrat Party mend its ways by seeking to win over white, straight men, with religious leanings, citizenship, and a love for America and our culture?

Let the Squealing Begin!

- Nov 6, 2014
American politics has evolved from the age of false Hope and Change to the Joni Ernest-era, more properly known as the make-them-squeal era!

November 4, 2014: A Day When Millions Regained Pride in America!

- Nov 6, 2014
Millions of Americans can now proudly declare that, “For the first time in over six years, I am really proud of my country!”

We the People Reject Lies, Incompetence, & Tyranny!

- Nov 5, 2014
Sit down and shut up, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and most of all, Barack Obama!

Eric Holder Looking for Racial Discrimination at Polls: What About Illegals Voting, Mr. AG?

- Nov 4, 2014
However, Holder fails to mention the vile consequences of illegal aliens voting. Just an oversight Mr. Holder, or a reflection of your pro-illegal alien stance in general

Whom Will Obama Blame If Democrats Lose Senate?

- Oct 31, 2014
The solution: Another Trillion dollar stimulus and degradation and destruction of all borders between the US and Mexico!

Obama to Import Non-Citizen Foreigners to US for Ebola Treatment!

- Oct 30, 2014
Is this for real, or is this story a part of a SNL skit about the Obama Ebola failure?

Obamacare, “Largely Successful”?

- Oct 29, 2014
Only a fool, such as the writer of the New York Times October 27 “editorial” cited, would take Obama and his presidential “success” seriously.

BHO’s Waning Influence: Governors Defy Ebola Quarantine Advise!

- Oct 27, 2014
Obama's wretched record on policy judgment, Governors Cuomo,Christie are exactly right to ignore the amateur in the White House and go instead with common sense, logic

Democrat Woes Mount: Angry Illegal Aliens May Sit out Election!

- Oct 26, 2014
How bitterly ironic for Obama and the Democrats that illegal aliens are threatening to NOT vote in November

Obama’s Tortured Odyssey: From Hope and Change to Ebola and ISIS!

- Oct 23, 2014
Obama brand would be degraded and destroyed so thoroughly

Democrats to Use Gentle Giant Memories to “Get Out the Vote”?

- Oct 22, 2014
Can Michael Brown’s death save the US Senate for Harry Reid and Barack Obama?

Obama Goes Macho on Ebola: Cancels Fundraiser, Hugs & Kisses Nurses!

- Oct 16, 2014
Sorry, Barry, but handshakes, and hugs and kisses are NOT the sort of leadership that America needs when it comes to Ebola!

Chris Matthews’ Uncommon Outburst; Embraces Common Sense!

- Oct 9, 2014
Oh my God! Matthews getting honest on Obama AND the idiotic devotion of Democrats to illegal immigration in the same day is almost too much!

Ebola Death in Dallas: Another “US Intelligence Failure,” Mr. President?

- Oct 9, 2014
Once again, Barack Obama's distorted judgment and refusal to act intelligently have combined to bring tragedy to America

Has Obama Really “Given up”?

- Oct 8, 2014
Time to go, Barack, so that America can begin the healing process!

Obama Ebola “Strategy”: Inclusion & Acceptance Trump Protecting Population at Large!

- Oct 3, 2014
Sorry, Barack, but this time “leading from behind” into the PC abyss simply cannot be tolerated!

Is Ferguson, MO About to Explode Again?

- Oct 2, 2014
Tinderbox in Ferguson has been stoked by reckless and irresponsible behavior on the part of Eric Holder and Al Sharpton whom decided in August that Wilson was guilty

Obama Clueless When It Comes to Predictions: Why Should We Believe Climate Change Spiel?

- Oct 1, 2014
Barack Hussein Obama is blinded to reality by his addiction to failed progressive notions which have never worked anywhere--- and never will

What Exactly Is Obama “Exit Strategy” for ISIS War?

- Sep 24, 2014

Unable to Secure White House, Obama Makes War in Syria!

- Sep 23, 2014

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