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Richard J. “Sarge” Garwood runs Thanks For Listening website.  Sarge is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with 30 years service; a syndicated columnist in Louisiana. Married with 2 sons.

Sarge can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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False piety

- May 14, 2015

Each day the sun rises. Each day hope escapes to be chased and sought after as a balm for the inequities we suffer from those we trusted and no longer accept as just and honest.

From Colony to herd

- May 12, 2015

America started as a blank page; a chance to organize our thoughts and come to some kind of understanding about life, the world and where our nation would go. Now it has thoughts etched into it. It’s had bird droppings thrown down upon it by a Colony of gulls.  The page was pure, now it’s soiled to the point of horrible contempt because of a thoughtlessness borne of the need to do what comes naturally and is destructive. It’s a natural act of destruction because of its lack of thought. We can only wait to either wipe it away or see it thrown out with the other trash.

It’s new and it’s broken already

- May 1, 2015

New toys are always a thrill for a while. Then the incline rate of the learning curve decides just how much fun the bloody thing will continue to be.

The Beacon

- Apr 29, 2015

This isn’t Baltimore. This is West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. It’s home, and today it’s comfortable.

Us vs Them?

- Apr 28, 2015

This is a new day. This is a new chance to get it right and show the progress of man as an inhabitant of the planet and a member of society.

Soulless eyes

- Apr 23, 2015

After Hilarity Clinton had her health scare suggesting she had a stroke or minor brain infarct when she was still Secretary of State, she started wearing special glasses to help her focus properly.

Dancing on the brink

- Apr 22, 2015

With “negotiations” (really more American capitulations than anything else) with Iran being conducted by that scion of propaganda masquerading as a Secretary of State, John “Swifty Boat” Kerry, we find ourselves walking to the brink of armed conflict if not actual war in the Middle East.

Acting for the Throne

- Apr 21, 2015

Hilarity Clinton is the same witch (sic) she’s always been.

American timidity

- Apr 16, 2015

I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming convictions that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for the day. Abraham Lincoln

America the great has become America the timid. Over the last several generations we’ve turned our backs wearily from the governance of our personal involvement with government to the point we have no real say in that governance. Americans regularly proclaim the organized, liberal pap and propaganda they’ve learned in schools now designed to advance curricula antithetical to American exceptionalism and leadership in the world.

Ms. Hilarity

- Apr 15, 2015

While checking out the media reports of Hilarity Clinton making her presence known (sorta) in Iowa I saw an unbelievable display of rampant toadyism made me shake my head. Normally shaking my head helps me clear my thoughts but the image of media representatives chasing the Clinton Mystery Machine (it’s not the Scooby Van even though it represents the idea maybe those “interfering kids” finding Hilarity’s missing emails) refused to budge.

The least of many evils

- Apr 14, 2015

I heard one of my favorite commentators make the statement the people may be a little leery of junior senators jumping into the political arena when they’ve barely gotten their trunks fitted for the fight they believe they’re ready for as they pursue the presidency.

It was a mystery?

- Apr 13, 2015

So; Ms. Hilary has thrown her hat into the ring. Wow! Ain’t that something? Like, was it a mystery or something?

Drop him like a hot rock

- Apr 1, 2015

The New York Times slithered across my consciousness with an editorial showcasing the attitude so prevalent in society today. That would be the one where we’re expected to understand and soothingly caress the fevered brow of people committing the most heinous of crimes. This of course is concerning Bowe Bergdahl.

The Old School Tie

- Mar 30, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking with a friend who is a higher-up in the Louisiana Republican Party. I got on his case concerning the tactical; and political operation Republicans put forth to project conservative values and positions on national and foreign policy. I think I hurt his feelings because he said something to the tune of: “Sarge, you have to remember I’m at the state level of the Republican Party. I have nothing to do with the direction of the national party.”

Your own lyinn eyes

- Mar 27, 2015

Every morning I awaken to the challenge of finding a topic to address. (Some say bloviate about but I reject the criticism as long as Harry Reid is alive and Nancy Pelosi draws breath.)

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