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Richard J. “Sarge” Garwood runs Thanks For Listening website.  Sarge is a retired Law Enforcement Officer, with 30 years service, a syndicated columnist in Louisiana. Married with 2 sons.

Sarge can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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- Jan 22, 2015
NFL, football, New England Patriots, deflated footballs

The Legacy

- Jan 20, 2015
Michelle Obama; The original school lunch program was a product of liberal efforts to combat the fact school children from poverty stricken homes were suffering academically because they were hungry

Craven Images

- Jan 14, 2015
The light of truth illuminates the shadows and in that light is seen the hypocrisy of religion perverting the word of God for personal gain and the extension of enslaving dogma

The Cult of Personality

- Jan 13, 2015
The endorsed candidates win their seats, then they turn their backs on those who supported and championed them in favor of courting those who can progress their selfish desires

Departing Eden

- Jan 12, 2015
The American Political Landscape is a desert, a greater expanse than the Sahara; more barren than the Antarctic and colder toward its people than the Polar Ices.

Another Meat Grinder

- Dec 31, 2014
So, as I look at Old Man 2014, I see he’s a supporter of Wounded Warriors. He’s battle scarred, worn from fighting to survive and fighting daily to get to a point of normalcy

Ghosts of Campaigns Past

- Dec 30, 2014
Steve Scalise, Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Republican horses at the starting gate malaise

- Dec 29, 2014
Malaise: Odds on favorite...

A race apart

- Dec 22, 2014
Those who guard the herd and keep safe the flock will be driven away if you beat that which protects you. How well set are you to protect yourself and what you hold dear against those who band together like a wolf pack to forage for survival?

Interesting Times

- Dec 18, 2014
An old Asian saying specifically warns us with its cryptic irony: “May you live in interesting times.”

Try to have a good day…

- Dec 17, 2014
Is it just me or has anybody else noted Obama is kissing the collective a$$es of any and all enemies of the United States?

Failure To Communicate

- Dec 16, 2014
The Republican Party was in cahoots with the Democrats and we got screwed again: Finished business; that’s my final answer.

The Immorality of War

- Dec 12, 2014
We can aspire to be above the other animals in the kingdom, but there’ll always be an individual who will band with others of like thinking and they’ll seek our destruction.

Doing No Real Good

- Dec 11, 2014
Diane Feinstein; Giving aid and comfort to the enemy

Time To Stand…

- Dec 10, 2014
I can only suggest to you that your continually electing people who hold the greatest disdain for you individually, and as a herd, will only set loose their hounds against you to continually direct you as the sheep they think you to be

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