Richard J. “Sarge” Garwood runs Thanks For Listening website.  Sarge is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with 30 years service; a syndicated columnist in Louisiana. Married with 2 sons.

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Soulless eyes

- Apr 23, 2015
Hillary Clinton; so out of touch with what the middle class is about, she just didn’t feel these kids need to survive on anything more than $2.13 an hour

Dancing on the brink

- Apr 22, 2015
Obama’s tough talk is designed to gull the American populace into believing he has the resolve to contradict Iran efforts to gain nuclear supremacy in the region

Acting for the Throne

- Apr 21, 2015
To date, no Democrat of any consequence has challenged Hillary Clinton's impending coronation as Diva du jour

American timidity

- Apr 16, 2015
We must overcome our timidity and fears of appearing weak because we simply do what’s right.

Ms. Hilarity

- Apr 15, 2015
It’s impossible to believe this broken down former “golden girl” (in her mind) is the one person qualified to be president simply because her husband was elected based on charm and charisma

The least of many evils

- Apr 14, 2015
Political parties and their belief the Senate should produce a president.

It was a mystery?

- Apr 13, 2015
Hillary Clinton running for president

Drop him like a hot rock

- Apr 1, 2015
Bowe Bergdahl knew he was deserting and he knew he wanted to be with the enemy

The Old School Tie

- Mar 30, 2015
The Republicans are bush-league poseurs where the Democrats show (from an organizational sense) they’re commanders of the playing field

Your own lyinn eyes

- Mar 27, 2015
Obama’s proven he’s less American in his heart than Benedict Arnold

YOU decide…

- Mar 26, 2015
What’s happening today in the French Alps is indicative of how air flight has taken on new dangers

What else needs be said?

- Mar 23, 2015
John F. Kennedy

Personal accountability as God’s will…

- Mar 19, 2015

Bastille Day, anybody?

- Mar 18, 2015
We’re stuck with leaders like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner who both suck equally in their understanding of what it means to be Conservative

Jefferson handled it correctly

- Mar 16, 2015
Where Christianity is being driven from American society by secular demand for the separation of church and state; Obama’s allowing Islam to gain a toehold in American government

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