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Paul E. Vallely


Paul E. Vallely , MG US Army (Ret), is Chairman of Stand Up America USA, and a writer for American Daily Review. Paul’s latest book is “Operation Sucker Punch – Blood for Our Future”. He is the co-author of “Endgame- A blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror”. Paul can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Message from MG Paul E. Vallely. US Army Ret

- Nov 11, 2014
On Veterans Day, we pay tribute to the veterans, to the fallen, and to their families

America Has Come to a Crossroads

- May 24, 2014
Our government (all branches) of, by and for the people has lost control and has led us down a very destructive path of tyranny, corruption, cover-ups and deceit

Benghazi – Where was the Commander-in-Chief?

- Feb 9, 2013
Where was Obama

The Obama Military – Evolution and Legacy

- Jan 18, 2013
Americans must have more sense and wisdom about engagement and conflicts in this year 2013 and beyond

The Battle is at Our Front Door

- May 31, 2012
The winds of a new revolution are swirling to save the country.

“Winds of Revolution”

- May 13, 2012
National Call to Action

Afghanistan – the Charade

- Mar 21, 2012
How to Define Victories for America In the Middle East

Staying Alive as a Nation - American Pursuit of Greatness

- Dec 14, 2011
The Chessboard is set and the pieces are being moved deftly! It is time to change leadership in the USA to restore America and our Constitution!

Stand Up America National Call to Battle Series “To Secure the Nation”

- Dec 13, 2011
This is our National Call to Battle. This is a battle to save America.

Stand Up America Special Report from the Middle East and Libya

- Aug 25, 2011
No one knows Qaddafi's destination but informed observers expect him to make for Sebha in southern Libya

Stand Up America News Alert

- Aug 23, 2011
The fall of Assad would be the best outcome for Abdullah, second only to the fall of the Islamic republic itself

Revise US Military Strategy Now – Part II

- Aug 6, 2011
Joint Force Strike Operations Lily Pad Strategy Series

The Fifth Column Sabotage Against The USA and Our Critical Infrastructure

- Jul 31, 2011
War and sabotage have been utilized as tools throughout history to affect change and to subjugate people.

An American Tragedy:  The Sleeping Giant Must Wake Up

- Jul 23, 2011
Waking the Sleeping Giant

The Art of War Series

- Jul 22, 2011
How to Win

Your Mission is to put America Back on the Constitutional Track

- Jul 12, 2011
Congress 2011

Obama Announces Wrong Strategy For Afghanistan

- Jun 28, 2011
Counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy in the Global War against Radical Islam has been ill conceived and poorly executed

Revise US Military Strategy Now Joint Force Strike Operations

- Jun 13, 2011
Lily Pad Strategy Series: The time is now to change strategy and reposition our Forces for present and future operation

Chessboard Series - What about Pakistan?

- May 10, 2011
Pakistan's intelligence service (ISI) and its civilian and military leadership have been playing blind man's bluff and we have been paying billions of dollars per year

Chessboard Series: War on the Southern Border

- Apr 21, 2011
Threat level of Mexico and the Southern Border

Excerpt from the SUA Lily Pad Strategy Joint Strike Force Combat Operations

- Mar 5, 2011
Targeted Warfare

Your Mission is to put America Back on the Constitutional Track

- Jan 2, 2011
Congress, you are continuing down the path of destroying America

THREE BRASS MONKEYS of See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

- Dec 30, 2010
“We, the People” cannot solely depend on the results of the elections.

Southern Border Chessboard Involves Iran/Venezuela/Russia

- Dec 13, 2010
More on the Global Chessboard Series

America Witnesses the Downfall of “Obama”

- Nov 30, 2010
The Obama White House and identifiable Members of Congress are now on a progressive socialist and treasonous death march and are bankrupting the country

Is Afghanistan Becoming A Charade?

- Oct 27, 2010
The COIN principle is not based on winning; it is based on political whims and is not a true tenet of warfare

Americans are Starting to Wake up!

- Sep 17, 2010
Progressive Socialism and destruction of the Republic

We are the Masters of our Fate and Captains of our Soul

- Jul 24, 2010
Fraud, lying, and corruption are rampant and some have engaged in treasonous activities

Federal Battle Waged Against Arizona

- Jul 13, 2010
"Where is the Federal Battle Across the Southern Border?"

Washington Leadership is “Flatlined”

- Mar 28, 2010
There appears to be a pulse but negligible brain wave activity

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