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Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary, has been featured on “Hannity” and “Fox and Friends” on Fox News Channel, and other television shows and networks.  Doug is a Radio Host on KCAA 1050 AM on Saturdays with his Constitution Radio program, as well as a longtime podcaster, conservative political activist, writer and commentator.  Doug can be reached at douglasvgibbs [at] or constitutionspeaker [at]

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A Godly Right to Privacy

- Apr 18, 2015
Originalists, specifics, rule of law, moral code, individualism. Pragmatists, convolution of specifics into "general" definitions, the rule of man, man-made moral code, and collectivism.

Supreme Court’s Supreme Problems

- Apr 15, 2015
Is the Supreme Court broken?

California Drought: All About Control

- Apr 13, 2015
Leftist statists that run California refuse to prepare for drought conditions, and environmentalists block all efforts to create more reservoirs

World Prepares for Russian Aggression

- Apr 7, 2015
The Russian Bear is on the prowl

When the Iran Deal Hits the Fan

- Apr 3, 2015
Muslim nations are rubbing their hands together waiting for the next gift they will get from Obama and his global minions

Ted Cruz: Eligible for President, or not?

- Mar 25, 2015
The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent

Obama and United Nations to Force Netanyahu into Two-State Solution

- Mar 19, 2015
Under Obama, the United States is ready to work with the U.N. to pressure Israel into accepting the resolution

Hidden Truth: The Poison of Statism

- Mar 14, 2015
True enemy is statism and the ideology of statism is being implemented in a fashion of creeping incrementalism

World War II Vet: “I Was Young”

- Mar 9, 2015
"That is the main reason we are free," he said. "The Blessings of God have always been on this country. Today, I am not so sure."

Obama’s Empowerment of Islam

- Mar 2, 2015
Obama is careful about using the Islamic label because he wishes to either appease them, or support them, in their bloody endeavors

Obama’s Threat of War Against Israel

- Mar 1, 2015
Susan Rice, described "timing and partisan manner" of Netanyahu's visit as "destructive" for the U.S.-Israeli relationship - as if threatening to shoot down Israeli jet isn't

Obama’s True Enemy

- Mar 1, 2015
Obama's true enemy is anyone who dares to oppose him

FCC: You Won’t Know What’s In Net Neutrality Until We Force It Upon You

- Feb 26, 2015
Behind the 332 pages is the proposal by President Barack Obama to treat the internet like a utility, which would unconstitutionally seize federal power to regulate the Internet like a public utility

Fiscal Policy and the Federal Reserve

- Feb 16, 2015
Battling for control over money, and the control of our liberty

FCC and Obama Claims Federal Supremacy to Regulate Internet

- Feb 14, 2015
Increased taxation and regulation until the freedom or growth of the internet is choked into submission

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