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Roger Aronoff is the editor of Accuracy in Media. Roger is the writer/director of Confronting Iraq: Conflict and Hope

Roger can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi Report, One Year Later

- Apr 23, 2015
The liberal media have and will likely continue to label Benghazi as a "phony scandal," despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary

Obama and the Media Still Hiding Immigration Agenda

- Apr 23, 2015
Once again, the Obama administration is deceiving the courts, and the American people, about its plans for amnesty for millions...

Judith Miller Opens Old Iraq War Wounds, and Sheds Some New Light

- Apr 17, 2015
The Story: A Reporter’s Journey.

Sharpton Calls for “National Policing”

- Apr 10, 2015
Sharpton isn’t getting the media scrutiny he deserves: failure to pay back taxes, found liable for defamation, allegations of pay for play

Left Rejects Idea of Payback as the Motive for Menendez Indictment

- Apr 3, 2015
Iran Nuke Talks: Sidelining of the leading Democratic Senate voice skeptical of the President’s apparent pursuit of a deal at any price appears more than coincidental

CNN Shines a Light on Ongoing VA Scandal

- Mar 27, 2015
Mainstream media more interested in safeguarding Obama's legacy than holding our leaders accountable

Benghazi Remains a Major Scandal Even Without New Revelations

- Mar 26, 2015
Four brave Americans are dead. The administration lied about the reasons. This is a major scandal based on what is already known, and it’s not going away despite media attempts to smooth it over.

Art Imitating Life, or Propaganda Selling a Flawed Iranian Nuke Deal?

- Mar 24, 2015

FEMA: One More Obama Scandal for the Media to Obscure

- Mar 19, 2015
FEMA, IRS, Veterans Affairs, Secret Service, are all agencies run by political appointees of Obama, but no one in the media seems to want to hold Obama or his appointees responsible

Hillary Clinton’s Tangled Web of Lies

- Mar 17, 2015
It’s the media’s mandate to verify—not take Mrs. Clinton, nor any of our political leaders, at their word.

Revisiting Last Summer’s Conflict Between Israel and Hamas

- Mar 13, 2015
Necessary for Israel to engage more aggressively in the information campaign by taking its message directly to the people and circumvent the mainstream media

Obama and Hillary: What Did They Know, and When Did They Know It?

- Mar 10, 2015
The media shouldn’t be fooled by these “latest [Clinton] efforts to demonstrate transparency”

Media Cheerleading for Obamacare Victory at Supreme Court

- Mar 6, 2015
Obamacare, except in a very few cases, has been an unmitigated disaster--no matter how Obama, the Democrats and the media try to sell it otherwise

Fact-checking Netanyahu, Not Obama or the Media

- Mar 4, 2015
The recent series of “crying wolf” claims about Netanyahu seems to have first surfaced on Press TV, an outlet for the Iranian government

Large Majority of Democrats Defying President Obama by Attending Netanyahu’s Speech

- Mar 3, 2015
Ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheduled speech before Congress on Tuesday, the White House initiated a full-tilt public relations battle against the Israeli leader, both publicly...

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