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Herman Cain


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Mindless hatred of cops just helped get two of them murdered

- Dec 21, 2014

Media pushes a turbulent world . . . but your world doesn’t have to be

- Dec 18, 2014
What things look like after a short self-imposed news blackout.

So-called torture report is Democrats’ distraction from these six unpleasant issues

- Dec 11, 2014
No. Look this way. Not that way.

For my 12-13-14 birthday, I don’t need a big party

- Dec 11, 2014 But here's something you could do for yourself.

Counting on stupidity of Louisiana voters doesn’t work so well for Mary Landrieu

- Dec 8, 2014
Nice try.

Raise half a million in campaign cash, become ambassador to Hungary

- Dec 8, 2014
Meet Colleen Bell: Unqualified in every way, but appointed nonetheless.

Always-gabbing Gruber tells GOP how to kill ObamaCare

- Dec 5, 2014
Just kill it from the inside by ignoring it. No need for repeal.

Media won’t tell you, but the national debt just topped $18 trillion

- Dec 4, 2014

Use Gruber testimony to show ObamaCare is hurting Americans

- Nov 30, 2014
Because that's what can help set the stage for repeal.

Joy Behar: Say, isn’t it racist to call it Black Friday?

- Nov 25, 2014
For real?

I’m sick of the race card! Obama’s a failure in any color!

- Nov 24, 2014
A caller puts me over the edge with this nonsense.

Executive amnesty is about turning Texas blue

- Nov 23, 2014
For Democrats, everything is politics, and politics is everything.

Apparently Obama knows nothing at all about the economics of Keystone

- Nov 17, 2014
Obama's understanding of the economics is even more appalling

The polls missed it, but we Americans seem to be overcoming our ‘stupidity’

- Nov 12, 2014
Horrifying news for Democrats: We're paying attention.

Democrats don’t want common ground

- Nov 10, 2014
So put them on the defensive.

Welcome, Abby, to the world of the savable

- Nov 10, 2014
And there are a lot more waking up

Four things the GOP Congress can and should get done immediately

- Nov 6, 2014
Low-hanging fruit

Five of last night’s biggest losers

- Nov 5, 2014

Black stats Obama doesn’t want you to hear belie his claim about Democrat ‘good works’

- Nov 4, 2014
Bad results.

Terrified, soon-to-be-deposed Senate tyrant: GOP majority would impeach Obama

- Nov 3, 2014
And it's Democrat donors he's lying to.

Nine facts Democrats don’t want you to hear before you vote tomorrow

- Nov 3, 2014
So tell everyone!

Five real changes (for the better) we should see if the Senate goes Republican

- Nov 2, 2014
Yes, it really does matter.

Far from ‘party of no,’ House GOP offers lots of proposals media never tells you about

- Oct 30, 2014
ObamaCare replaced, budget balanced . . . and this from "obstructionists"?

Terrified Democrats do their best to pretend they might not support Obama and Reid

- Oct 29, 2014

Black Chicago pastor endorses Republican, gets death threats

- Oct 29, 2014
Off the plantation: Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church in Chicago supports Republican Bruce Rauner for governor of Illinois

Black stats Obama doesn’t want you to hear belie his claim about Democrat ‘good works’

- Oct 27, 2014
Bad results: Black folks, please, tell me again why you insist on voting for a party that thinks of you like this. It makes no sense to me.

Winner for the billboard contest

- Oct 20, 2014
After several thousand entries, here are the best!

Why the Obama Administration can’t handle Ebola (or anything else)

- Oct 19, 2014
There's a right way to do executive leadership. Obama has no clue what it is.

Sheila Jackson Lee: You know whose fault Ebola is? Republicans

- Oct 17, 2014
Knee, meet rubber mallet

Let’s separate fact from fiction concerning Ebola

- Oct 16, 2014
And this is really not the time to be demanding that people resign.

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