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Three moments that define Obama’s unserious approach to Russia

- Sep 1, 2014
It’s probably a little late at this point to expect Obama to turn into a serious world leader, but at least we can limit the damage by not letting the reset button presser succeed him

It’s a set-up, y’all: Obama power abuses are nothing but impeachment bait

- Aug 28, 2014
There's nothing Democrats want more

Oh good: ObamaCare now providing relief to those getting ‘gender reassignment surgery’

- Aug 28, 2014
Use the correct term, friends. Don't be like Shaney B. and call it "The Forbidden Snip." That would be wrong.

Ferguson solutions are obvious, and urgently needed before it happens in your town

- Aug 25, 2014
But my saying it will mean nothing if the people on the ground don't want to make it happen.

Democrats in denial: ObamaCare clearly killing jobs

- Aug 25, 2014
Fear of the truth

Great health insurance not allowed by Democrats

- Aug 17, 2014
If people actually like it, tax it out of existence

Rest in peace, and thank you, Robin Williams

- Aug 12, 2014

Reich gets it wrong! Government is not the solution to income inequality

- Aug 11, 2014
Robert Reich is a hypocrite: I pity the students being brainwashed with this hogwash...

Truth as a tonic for bad news anxiety

- Aug 11, 2014

If inverting companies are ‘gaming the system,’ it’s Obama’s game

- Aug 11, 2014
The solution is to replace the tax code, not to beat up businesses for responding to it rationally

Clark Howard’s 3 tips to stop Russian hackers from stealing your identity

- Aug 8, 2014
The Russians are good, but they can't beat these.

My advice to African business leaders on common success factors

- Aug 5, 2014
Some principles apply everywhere. Like these.

Ebola patients: They’re American citizens, and we can handle this

- Aug 5, 2014
Have hope, friends, and be thankful that we do in fact live in a country that can handle situations like this. Our prayers are with both of these patients

In the face of Democrat campaign lies, citizens must form Truth Squad USA

- Aug 4, 2014
Let them know we're paying attention, all across the country.

How not to choose a president

- Aug 3, 2014

Democrats: Don’t stop talking about impeachment!

- Jul 31, 2014

The real motivation of the president who threatens governors

- Jul 29, 2014

Deception alert: Sorry, AP, ‘sluggish’ growth doesn’t make economy ‘sturdier’

- Jul 27, 2014
Obama’s cheerleaders at the AP know that economic news can be confusing, and that presents an opportunity for them to take a report and deceive you by offering an analysis of it that is completely nonsense.

Upcoming talk at Young America’s Foundation part of why I’m encouraged

- Jul 25, 2014
The political class is a mess, but a lot of young people get it. And that's what we need.

Want prosperity? Embrace marriage, religious liberty, self-sufficiency

- Jul 25, 2014
Heritage Foundation study has the numbers to prove it

Black conservatives in demand . . . I should know (and I do)

- Jul 23, 2014
Those looking to silence us have good reason to be terrified.

Georgia Senate runoff: Real solutions guy takes down the GOP establishment

- Jul 23, 2014
Congratulations David Perdue . . . and Georgia voters, for seeing past the lies!

The fight for our rights, and against Democrats’ deliberate deception, is now

- Jul 21, 2014
America's New War: Not everyone wants the truth, but we just need enough of us to wake up

Jack Kingston, GOP establishment telling more lies about David Perdue

- Jul 20, 2014

Democrats trying to sue, investigate their way to power

- Jul 18, 2014
A righteous rant by guest host Erick Erickson

Happy anniversary to the Civil Rights Act of 1964

- Jul 16, 2014
Don't confuse the pre-struggle with the post-struggle.

Feds spend $500,000 to study whether mother-daughter dancing can cure obesity

- Jul 13, 2014

Better off by every measure? Not by these, Mr. President . . .

- Jul 11, 2014
Facts are stubborn things.

America’s new war: Patriots vs. termites

- Jul 8, 2014
Dinesh D'Souza lays it out.

Democrats using children as pawns in this immigration game

- Jul 6, 2014
administration only wants to enforce the law when it benefits them. And even when innocent children are the ones paying the price, they don’t care

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