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Faith Leaders to Show Support for Chief Justice Roy Moore

- Feb 24, 2015
Discuss National Campaign to Resist Judicial Activism at News Conference

Bishop E.W. Jackson Calls for Turning the Page on the History of Slavery and Segregation

- Feb 20, 2015
Embrace the Future with Healing and Reconciliation

The Church - Silent Too Long

- Feb 20, 2015
Americans must exercise their freedom of religion by speaking the message of the Bible freely and with boldness and standing for life and liberty everywhere

Tens of Thousands Urge Boycott of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

- Feb 9, 2015
LifeSiteNews, Family Research Council, and others: NBC "should be ashamed": 'Fifty Shades of Grey' gives Millennials a poor representation of what true love is all about, as it promotes abuse, narcissism, and misogyny,

Students to Challenge Rep. Tim Ryan on Right to Life Reversal

- Feb 3, 2015
Tim Ryan (D-OH): From protecting the rights of the preborn to dismissing those rights in favor of abortion

‘Choose Life’ Group Officially Rejected by St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee

- Jan 30, 2015
Unnamed 'Right to Life' Group will March Instead

America’s Covenant with Death

- Jan 22, 2015
"Your covenant with death will be annulled, and your agreement with Sheol (Hell) will not" stand (Isaiah 28:18)

Jihadists Massacring Copts in Libya; Urgent Intervention Needed to Pre-empt Pogroms

- Jan 6, 2015
Jihadists of the Ansar al Sharia (Defenders of Sharia), supporters of the Islamic State, have been kidnapping and murdering Coptic migrants in Libya

Slain NYPD Officer’s Alma Mater to Grant Posthumous Degree to the Aspiring Chaplain

- Dec 24, 2014
"The chaplaincy would have been enormously complimented by an officer like Rafael Ramos,

Nativity Scene will Remain in Franklin County, Indiana this Christmas

- Dec 19, 2014
Thomas More Society Reaches Temporary Agreement with ACLU of Indiana

Coptic Solidarity Launches Advocacy Campaign for Imprisoned Christian Mohammed Hegazi

- Dec 18, 2014

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to Release New Documentary Film About ‘Unbroken’s’ Louis Zampe

- Dec 16, 2014
Will Graham to Represent His Grandfather at the 126th Rose Parade, where Zamperini was to serve as Grand Marshall and will still be honored

SC Federal Judge Orders Over $197,000 Attorney’s Fees, Costs Awarded to Christian Pro-Life Missionar

- Dec 14, 2014
Represented by National Legal Foundation Legal Team in 2005 Greenwood Graphic 'Abortion' Signs Case -- Dec. 1, 2014

Thirty-three States Allow Transgender Athletes on High School Teams

- Dec 8, 2014
"This will force Christians into situations that lack common sense. A physically superior male athlete in basketball, for example, will potentially take playing time away from a female

Christian Leader and Human Rights Activist to Join Joshua Wong in His Hunger Strike

- Dec 3, 2014
Seeking Democratic Reforms for Hong Kong

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