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Latest News on Baltimore Protests

- Apr 27, 2015
Riot, looting prompt state of emergency, curfew in Baltimore | Riots erupt across West Baltimore, downtown | Maryland governor declares state of emergency in Baltimore as rioting intensifies | VIDEO: Gov. Larry Hogan declares State of Emergency

Latest American News

- Apr 27, 2015
California’s Central Valley Sinking Faster Than Ever Before As Farmers Drill For Water During Drought | Wildfire burns near many homes in suburban Los Angeles | Activists for tolerance sink fundraiser for Christian bakers

Possible Scenarios and Strategic Options vis-à-vis Iran

- Apr 27, 2015
The scenarios analyzed in this essay can serve as the foundation for a comprehensive, professional strategic discussion that should be held now between Israel and the United States

Hispanic Catholics Are Not Conservative

- Apr 27, 2015
Outside of America, Catholics are overwhelmingly liberal -- not conservative, and inside America, Hispanic Catholics are most certainly not conservative in their political views. To suggest otherwise would be ignoring decades of electoral data

Principles of Constitutionalism: Malum in Se versus Malum Prohibitum

- Apr 27, 2015
Law, as a principle, should acts to affirm and support natural liberty, rather than oppose it

Turning America into a Battlefield: A Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation

- Apr 27, 2015
With the Constitution under constant attack, the military's power, influence and authority have grown dramatically

Alveda King to Baltimore Mayor: My Dear Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

- Apr 27, 2015
In 1963, my father Rev. AD King, after the firebombing of our home in Birmingham, Alabama, urged hostile protestors to abandon violence and turn to God in prayer instead

Obama’s Made Some Bad Deals. Why He Should Stop Sidelining Congress.

- Apr 27, 2015
It is clear President Obama doesn’t want to work with Congress because we may thwart his plans

Always wait for the other shoe to drop

- Apr 27, 2015
Obama administration gaffes

Hillary to Use “Two for the Price of One” Pitch in Her Campaign?

- Apr 27, 2015
Just SAY NO! to Hillary and her old, dirty baggage!

Video: Wheelchair-Bound Woman in Path of Baltimore Riot’s Thrown Projectiles

- Apr 27, 2015
Another bar patron stands in front of the woman to shield her from the barrage of refuse thrown by the mob

Another expensive stimulus project on the rocks

- Apr 27, 2015
The “Not In My Backyard” phenomenon – well known to Los Angeles residents – contributed to the LA-RICS quandary.

SAF Wins Preliminary Injunction In North Carolina Resident Alien CCW Case

- Apr 27, 2015
“We’re dedicated to making sure that the constitutional right to keep and bear arms is protected for citizens and legal resident aliens alike,”

Fantastic: Russian hackers were reading Obama’s e-mails

- Apr 27, 2015
But just the unclassified ones, if that makes you feel any better.

Media’s Ongoing Attempts to Downplay VA Scandal

- Apr 27, 2015
Rachel Maddow’s transparent attempt to cast the VA scandal as the fabrication of right-wing political forces bent on destroying an embattled institution serves as a red herring

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