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Is Obama a Body Snatcher?

Race With the Devil—Is America Converting to Marxism?

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 By Kelly OConnell  Thursday, December 13, 2012

Several classic Hollywood movies offer political lessons, including the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the delightful B horror film Race With the Devil. These movies offer something not normally found in pop culture—a conservative critique of society at large, even if unintentionally.

The theme of mindless replicants just following the will of the master or orders from the mother ship is a frequent theme in sci-fi horror movies. Therefore there is an immediate bridge to the progressive movement in its various guises—because the main theme for socialists and Marxists is following group think towards whatever direction it leads.

I. Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is considered a classic of the horror idiom, based upon Jack Finney’s novel The Body Snatchers and directed by Don Siegel, reviewed by TV Tropes:

Miles Benell is a doctor in small town Santa Mira, CA whose patients start accusing their family and friends of being impostors. They can’t explain their suspicions—there are no physical or behavioral changes—but they are still convinced that the people they suspect are no longer themselves. Bennell and his colleague, Kaufman, initially assume this is merely mass hysteria, a diagnosis which seems to be confirmed when the patients start recanting their accusations.

However, Benell soon discovers that the patients were right. The people of Santa Mira are being replaced by alien doppelgangers, identical duplicates grown in pods, which replaced them while they slept. Behind their perfect mimicry of humanity, including emotions, is a soulless void. The pod people have no culture of their own, only what they have copied from humanity, and they have no goal beyond survival. The film ends with Benell, who has just had to kill his love interest’s doppelganger, screaming a warning to heedless motorists. Usually interpreted as a metaphor for Communism, although some view it more as an indictment of McCarthyism and small-town insularity and conformity.

While this film has been said to be a critique of McCarthyism, the most obvious comparison to this film is socialism or communism’s brainless fanatics. The manner in which socialist policy and logic take over the mind of the most intelligent person, rendering them useless for any deep political, economic, or legal thought is truly astounding—much like a pod-person.

The problem with socialism as an economic theory is that the goal is not an economy functioning at the highest level. Instead, the purpose of economics is to reallocate wealth, and therefore make life more equitable. The net result is the destruction of wide swaths of a capitalist market system, such as when Stalin brought in his “reforms.” The net result was the largest drop in economic size in world history.

Socialism or Marxism as a political philosophy cannot work because the default program is a Tyranny (of the Proletariat), which cancels the constitution, rule of law, real democracy, or any functional republicanism. Therefore, the people exist as mere pawns of the arbitrary and capricious state which ignores any theory of civil or legal rights. Therefore, one cannot claim that Marxists think, at all.

II. Race With the Devil

This wonderfully campy film relates the story of two couples on vacation who accidentally witness devil worshipers doing a human sacrifice. The scariest aspect is how every seemingly innocent person they encounter while being chased by satanists are actually part of the cult—much like America’s celebrities, newscasters, writers, and academics. Says one blog,

Two couples take the vacation of a lifetime in an expensive RV, heading from Texas to Colorado. At dusk they turn across a shallow stream in the middle of nowhere. After dark they spot a distant, large bonfire, sneaking closer for a better look, witnessing devil worshipers committing human sacrifice. The cult notices the men, who leave terrified with cult members chasing.

Next day they report to skeptical Sheriff Taylor, who requests they return to the scene. There, only a dead dog is found, but neither man trusts the sheriff. Meanwhile, the wives find a note with odd symbols. They visit the library to decode it, revealing a rune—or witches spell warning if they harm the coven, harm would befall them nine-fold.

They continue driving, eventually reaching a busy motor lodge. The wives try the pool, but many people stare wickedly so they leave. Returning to the RV, another couple suggests a restaurant. Hesitantly they all go. Upon return, their little dog hangs dead from the RV’s door. An emotionless crowd surrounds the camper silently staring. The couples hurriedly leave, continuing down the road.

Opening a cupboard, a large rattlesnake panics them and the RV wrecks into a tree. Waiting till daybreak for repairs, they plan a hundred mile drive to Texas. Stopping for gas, the payphone out of order, but they purchase a shotgun. Coming upon an accident scene involving a school bus, they realize its a hoax and plow through. Trucks give chase and attempt to box the RV in and are successfully fought off. With darkness approaching, they pull over til morning, following a dirt road to a secluded spot. With the worst finally behind them, the couples relax and celebrate. However, hearing shouts, they peer out the window to see the RV is in the center of a ring of fire, surrounded by chanting cult members led by Sheriff Taylor.

The theme which so splendidly represents modern society is both the anti-God element of the devil worshiping cultists and how virtually every person the couples’ encountered was joined into the ring. This is much like modern media which, no matter where one turns, so-called “journalists” are pumping out report-after-biased-report. It is like one giant anti-God cult who will do anything to remove the hated conservatives from the land, including lie, cheat and steal, to honor their cult of the anti-Christ.

It’s no-wonder that a story like Benghazi, an unprecedented failure to defend a working US ambassador who is then murdered, is swept under the rug like so much dirt. If the American press now allows a president to ignore credible threats and active attacks against US employees, then lie about his involvement, then anything can happen and nothing is sacred. Certainly Benghazi represents the triumph of Satan’s emissaries over God’s in America. Or, as John 8:44 states,

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

III. Modern American Politics—Nightmare of the Living Dead

America is increasingly interested in socialist policy, according to various surveys. Here are four trends which portend zombie-esque socialism in America’s near future.

A. Massive Deficits

The impact of massive deficits is detailed by Peter G. Peterson, Chairman, The Blackstone Group; Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; and founding President of the Concord Coalition:

By championing permanent cuts in federal revenues unaccompanied by significant cuts in budget outlays—and no cuts at all in fast-growing senior entitlement—this Administration, supported by Congress, has now set our nation on a course of rising and virtually endless budget deficits. This is a cause for grave concern. Most important, chronic deficits soak up national savings and crowd out productive investment. Along the way, they also raise interest rates, by 25 to 50 basis points (according to most studies) for each one percent increase in the long-term federal deficit as a share of GDP. Since America’s savings pool is already very shallow, relative both to other developed nations and to our own history, the impact of large deficits is especially harmful. From 10.9 percent of GDP during the 1960s, the U.S. net national savings rate slid to 4.8 percent during the 1990s and has fallen more recently to two consecutive postwar lows—3.3 percent of GDP in 2001 and 1.7 percent in 2002. Current fiscal policies are due to push net national savings still lower.

B. Higher Taxes

Here are some of the effects of increasing tax rates:

Study on the Long-Run Impact of Increasing Tax Rates on High-Income Taxpayers in 2013

Dr. Robert Carroll and Gerald Prante of Ernst & Young authored this new study examining the economic impact of the higher tax rates advocated by the President and some in Congress on high-income taxpayers. The study uses a model to find that raising tax rates on those earning more than $250,000 would have the following effect over time:

  • Fewer jobs—710,000 fewer jobs;
  • Lower wages—1.8 percent lower;
  • Less investment—2.4 percent less; and
  • A smaller economy—1.3 percent smaller.

C. Higher Unemployment

One site lists the effects of higher unemployment on the economy:

The problem with higher unemployment is it has a ripple effect on the economy. Every time a person loses their job, that is one less person who will be paying any state and/or federal income taxes. Sales tax revenues will also suffer as that idle worker cuts back on their non-essential spending. In fact, almost every newly unemployed person will then become eligible for unemployment insurance and will start feeding off the State’s coffers instead of contributing to them in the form of taxes. As the number of the unemployed grows, then, too, does the State’s deficits as tax revenues decrease. Eventually, as the unemployment rate rises to another new tipping point, the State legislatures must raise taxes or let people go to compensate for the substantial loss in tax revenues. When a state is forced to raise its taxes, most everyone loses some part of their disposable income. That loss of disposable income will ultimately result in less money being spent to buy the things that would normally fuel the economy. Then, too, more people will begin losing their jobs. And, unless that cycle is broken, it can just keep going on forever. That’s why tax increases are so punitive and so destructive to any economy.

Furthermore, every unemployed worker will impact the economy by buying less of almost everything that is outside of their need for food staples and other essential living expenses. That means that, as unemployment rises, businesses will continue to lose business. That, then, results in more workers being laid off and, again, less tax revenues. And, so the cycle of more jobs being lost continues.

Another consequence of higher and higher unemployment is greater losses of home values. From studies, we know that about 45 percent of those mortgages that fall into foreclosure are a direct result of employment. So, as unemployment continues to rise, so will the house foreclosure rates continue to rise. Bankruptcy rates will also go up. As the foreclosure rates rise, the value of homes will continue to fall. This has a psychological impact on the consumer and the consumer will continue to pull back and save rather than spend. Again, as consumer spending retracts, unemployment rates rise as businesses are once again forced to let people go in order to adjust to lower sales. Some marginal businesses will just fold and go out of business completely. As before, State tax revenues will again fall and, ultimately, taxes will have to be raised and some number of government workers will have to be let go. In essence, every job that is lost has a serious ripple effect on the economy.

IV. Obamacare

One author details the bad outcomes from Obamacare:

The first economic impact of ObamaCare is its ever rising price tag: revised cost estimates for the first full 10 years of ObamaCare is now $2.6 trillion, almost three times the $900B President Obama had promised it would cost. This soaring cost, however, is only what government will be spending, not the additional costs of compliance borne by the private sector. The second economic impact of ObamaCare is all the taxes that will need to be raised to pay for this rising cost. There’s a list of these new taxes at The Daily Ticker. But it’s not only businesses and the investor class that will pay ObamaCare’s new taxes; the middle class will also get hit. The third impact on the economy from ObamaCare is regulation. At Fox News, Jim Angle reports that bureaucrats have already written 13,000 pages of new regulations, and they’re just getting started. This has business in a state of paralysis: what are these unelected, unaccountable regulators going to dump on me next?


Only fanatics believe that any negatives are acceptable simply because they are delivered by a Democrat, instead of a Republican. Yet this is the strange territory we are now traversing. Further, the relentless and implacable leftist nature of America’s army of journalists, entertainers, academics is now mirrored by the voting public. Unless this changes, and our body-snatched, devil racing elite class develops an ability to think critically, America is doomed to head down the same commode portal as Europe.

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