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Fiscal Cliff, Boehner's Plan B

The ‘Reagan 13’ give Americans Something to Believe In

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 By Judi McLeod  Saturday, December 22, 2012

In the astroturfed Christmas Card Version of Obama’s 20-day Hawaiian holiday,  the mental vision strived for is the regime and its staffers running happily, like the Moon-doggies of old, into the surf.

With Axelrod doing the astroturfing,  who needs Hollywood, and if Gidget can go Hawaiian, why not a lugubrious Valerie or Michelle?

The astroturf version of the Obamas’ $4 million holiday in Hawaii is set to demoralize and depress the proletariat.  It vividly underlines how the rich and powerful get to spend long, care free days kissed by the sun, while the left-behind average citizenry of the winter-bound Northeast get to spend theirs slogging through the slush.

The Obamas and their traveling road show can, and do, holiday whenever they want. The real reason for ‘Obama’s Vacation From Four Years of Vacation’ is a strategy session to savor driving the last nails into the coffin lid of “the home of the brave”.

If Obama was power drunk before his reelection, imagine his euphoric mental state as he heads out for Hawaii today.

Confident with the four years the November 6 election grants him, Obama is planning an airtight new world for what he sees as his hapless, can’t-do-anything-to-stop-him constituents.

In the coming new world shaped by the Marxism-obsessed Obama, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod et al, there will be no room for competition.  It goes without saying that there’s never any room for competition in anti-Free Market, Marxist set ups.

While ordinary people are meant to spend their Christmas holidays worrying about losing their Second Amendment rights under Joe Biden’s gun raid and losing sleep about how to stretch meagre dollars to cover the landslide of taxes coming their way on January 1st,  Obama will be continuing to work out the details for giving all citizens a front row seat to his self-styled total obliteration of the Republican Party.

As long as they’re still in office, their presence defies the lie that he won a landslide reelection.

While strictly political in the making, the total obliteration is one carefully constructed show that should be catalogued in the Comedy Category.

Obama having loudly conquered wussy House Speaker John Boehner on “Plan B”, 13 conservative House Republicans defeated the Rule for the vote last night right at the same time when Obama’s suitcases were packed for lavish Hawaiian holidays.

How this Marxist president must have reveled when the GOP House “Leadership” removed Congressmen Amash, Hueliskamp, and Jones from their committee assignments for not cooperating with an increasingly wobbly Boehner.

At the very moment in time when Americans were losing all faith and hope, 13 members of Boehner’s own team, stood tall on principle, for once and for all transcending dirty back-room deal making. 

The first worm is now apparent in Obama’s rotting organic garden.

The rousing cheers won’t be sent up by the mainstream media, which counts on you missing last night’s courageous stand,  but you can read all about in American Spectator:

“America is being dragged backwards by the day by this President.  House Republicans won an election.  And they weren’t elected to sit idly by and let America go under.” (Jeffrey Lord, Dec. 21, 2012).

“Three cheers for those thirteen GOP House conservatives for standing up, Reagan-style, for principle.

“They had a Reykjavik Moment.

“An Air Traffic Controllers Moment.

“They had a Reagan moment.

“And whatever happens next, the Reagan Thirteen are heroes.”

To make it all work in his “It’s-a-Democratic-world” myth,  Obama has been working feverishly to prove that there is no discernible difference between Republicans and Democrats. But refreshingly 13 GOP House conservatives tossed all the work he had done roping in Boehner, into the trash bin.

It will take a lot more than astroturfing to prove that 13 principled politicians stood their ground against Democrat-kissing Republicans.

Obama may be winging his way to Hawaii but he’s back to Square 1 on the so-called Fiscal Cliff.

In essence, while Boehner left the white flag of surrender in the dirt for Obama to pick up, instead 13 of his own party members picked up Old Glory to continue the Good Fight.

Obama’s Merry Christmas to you this year, leaving you worried about the well-touted fiscal cliff, the onset of the biggest taxes in American history coming on January 1st, and the visions of Joe Biden coming to take away your guns, is not as bitter as he wanted it.

The preening Obamas‘ having recharged their batteries during long, lazy days in the sun will have two weeks to prepare for the most expensive inauguration in history upon their return from ‘vacation’.

But as depressing and fearful as things look, Obama’s first failures are coming directly from his lack of understanding of human nature.

White noise, media hype, career-ending threats notwithstanding, 13 conservative members stood on principle last night—standing against both Boehner and Obama.

The courageous 13 gave Americans something to believe in, the first hope on the horizon since November 6.

Meanwhile, we can all go into the holidays knowing at heart that forcing Republicans to take America over the cliff; taking away their guns, and rounding up folk for serfdom is not nearly as easy as it sounds.

As King George III learned centuries before this current regime, there are always heroes among the little people willing to go all the way to death when it comes to defending their families.

How does a self-centered petulant Obama change THAT?

No matter how many voted or didn’t vote for Obama’s reelection last month, a clear majority of average people still live out their days, not for political window dressing but for the survival of their families.

Their survival slogan for the coming New Year of 2013 should be: Family First, First Family Last. 

13 conservatives, by name (an asterisk denoting those who will not be returning to Congress next year) are:

Justin Amash of MI
Paul Broun of GA
Trent Franks of AZ
Louie Gohmert of TX
Tim Huelskamp of KS
Walter Jones of NC
Jim Jordan of OH
Andy Harris of MD
Jeff Landry of LA*
Thomas Massie of KY
Ron Paul of TX*
Jean Schmidt of OH*
Joe Walsh of IL*

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