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My opinion was formed from living in Israel, witnessing the horror of terror, reading the misinformation and downright lies perpetrated by the Western media, seen the incompetence of Israeli leaders to project the facts. My website comes from a particularly personal perspective. The articles may be controversial and provocative. For whatever strikes Israel today will surely visit you tomorrow.

Barry Shaw is the author of Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.’

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Sep 21, 2016 — Barry Shaw

I am gravely concerned that the Obama-Clinton team is involved in an ongoing subversion policy not only on a national scale but on a global one. Certainly, as far as Israel is concerned there is a grand deception going on.

In his UN General Assembly speech, President Obama spoke about “deep fault lines in the existing international order.”  He’s right. He’s responsible for a lot of the mess.

Unfortunately, politicians like Obama like to see what they want to see and ignore gross realities that do not jive with what they want to achieve. Take the Israeli-Palestinian issue, for example. At the UN podium Obama said, “Surely Israelis and Palestinian will be better off if Palestinians reject incitement and recognize the legitimacy of Israel, but Israel recognizes that it cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land.”

To the uninitiated (i.e. the progressives who live in a virtual world that enables them to block out sounds and truth that invades their cocooned ‘safe spaces’), massive and ongoing Palestinian terror coming at Israeli civilians from the Hamas political front based in Gaza and the Fatah political front based in Ramallah is ignored, tippexed out of his song sheet. In his narrative, it simply doesn’t exist.

America’s Desperately Wrong Foreign Policy

Sep 4, 2016 — Barry Shaw

If you want to study the weakness of American foreign policy under the Obama-Clinton-Kerry Administration, just look at the Turkish-Kurdish-Syrian triangle.

America’s formal position is that it opposes the Assad regime, that it looks on Turkey as a close ally, and that it arms the Kurds in their fight against ISIS.

ISIS is considered a potentially major threat within America and must be eliminated. The Kurds have been the bravest, boldest fighters against Islamic State. Yet, recently Vice President Biden, during a visit to Turkey, demanded that the Kurds return back over the river from Syria into Iraq.  The Kurds were the first and only force that took on ISIS in Iraq on behalf of the slaughtered Yezidi people. They were the first to win significant victories and drove much of ISIS back into Syria where they pursued them.

The Consequences of a Failed Palestinian Authority.

Aug 30, 2016 — Barry Shaw

A month ago I wrote an article entitled ‘The Failed State of the Two-State Solution.’ In it, I wrote that “by the ballot or by the ballot Hamas will head any Palestinian state as they did when Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005.”

So what has happened in the short time since I released that article?

In Nablus, on August 27, an estimated 120,000 protesters demonstrated against the Palestinian Authority after an Arab was beaten to death by PA security men. Many called for an international investigation into the murder as the Palestinian Authority threatened to arrest some of the leaders of the protest march. The town of Nablus has been described as being in “total anarchy.”

The Death of Progressivism and Israel

Aug 26, 2016 — Barry Shaw

In my book “Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism” I detail the discovery of a new strain of anti-Semitism that I noticed in Europe, namely the urge by haters to drive a wedge between the local Jew and the Jewish State.

I wrote of several examples of the modern form of Jew hatred in the section entitled “The Malmo Symptom.”

I named it that to reflect the experience suffered by the local Jews of Malmo when their mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, insisted that they must “denounce Israeli violations against the civilian population in Gaza. Instead, it decides to hold a (pro-Israel) demonstration in the Grand Square, which could send the wrong signal.”

The Olympic Games and the Jewish People.

Aug 16, 2016 — Barry Shaw

The Olympic Games is a metaphor for the world. Here you see the behavior of nations, good and bad.

Here we saw Israelis and Jews slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists on prime time television. While Israel was bringing the bodies of our finest back home for burial, the Games barely missed a beat and, today, the non-state of Palestine is allowed to participate even as they reject the notion of living in peace alongside the Jewish state of Israel, and even as the Israeli athletes gather at the Olympic Village to remember their fallen sporting comrades.

World Vision is a Christian charity on an anti-Israel mission

Aug 7, 2016 — Barry Shaw

This can clearly be seen in its fraudulently biased website description of Israel and what they call the West Bank, properly known as Judea & Samaria.

The unemployment level of Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza is not 46% and the poverty rate is 36% surely a large proportion of the blame must be directed at the corrupt and violent political overlords, namely the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

But not according to World Vision who point an accusing finger only against the Jewish state. They write that “children experience harassment and violence from soldiers and settlers. The lack of adequate educational facilities is not due to Hamas using schools to store rockets or to aim them at Israeli civilians but, according to World Vision, it is due to demolitions. They do not mention which schools, if any, have been demolished by Israel.

Fighting Anti-Israel Hate

Jul 11, 2016 — Barry Shaw

There is room for stating Israel’s historic and legal rights to a Jewish homeland in a reasonable manner, but this does not seem to be making much progress in projecting Israel as a normal country with the same system and values of regular democratic countries.

Indeed, it is these democratic countries that outrageous demonstrations based on lies and intimidation are being allowed to be perpetrated with increasingly hostile actions against Israel.

There’s blood in the water

Jun 28, 2016 — Barry Shaw

A double crime was committed when Mahmoud Abbas, the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, an interim self-governing body that undemocratically controls the Arabs in sections of Judea & Samaria, spoke before the European Parliament on June 23.

In his speech he spouted a Jew-hating blood libel as medieval in its words as those that led to the massacre and isolation of European Jews centuries ago.

Having begun his speech by condemning incitement to violence, he inexplicably said;

Britain outside the EU: An Israeli perspective

Jun 24, 2016 — Barry Shaw

Money markets crashed as if some disaster had occurred. But what was seen by the unexpected “Leave the EU” vote is the beginning collapse of the EU, an unelected world of bureaucrats who regulate and control the lives of people in Europe.

At the moment the Brits were voting, I was having lunch with a group of Dutch men and women. They expressed their disgust about what is happening in their country and how the decision of their government is controlled by the gnomes of Brussels. They were adamant that their country would be better off away from the EU decision-makers who, they felt, were endangering the social fabric and security of their country over a wrong-headed immigration policy, a policy in chaos with the continuing wave of migrants washing on the shores of Europe from the Middle East and Africa. Many are finding their way to the Netherlands. They are frustrated with the feeling of losing control their country. Nationalism is being revived due to the utter failure of Europe to deal with the dual threats of the migrant crisis and the explosion of Islamic terror.

Arab nationalism in the words of Lawrence of Arabia

Jun 21, 2016 — Barry Shaw

I am researching and writing a book to be called ‘Battles for the Holy Land - 1917 and beyond.’

The book recalls the exploits of General Allenby and others that led to the liberation of Jerusalem. Its arrival will be timely as next year will mark a 100 years since that milestone.

Britain, in or out? A view.

Jun 18, 2016 — Barry Shaw

Britain votes on Thursday to stay in the EU, or leave.

Discussions have centered on the economic consequences. Figures have been thrown at both sides of the argument.

The economy and jobs are vitally important issues as Brits ponder their future.

Palestinian terror conflicts with Israeli liberal progressive values

Jun 10, 2016 — Barry Shaw

When Israel displays so-called “liberal progressive values” to people intent on attacking our state and killing Jews the direct and immediate result is Palestinian terror and the murder of Israelis.

When the Israeli government lifted restrictions on Palestinians as a gesture during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan Palestinian Arabs, particularly those belonging to Hamas, exploited the gesture by disguising themselves, arming themselves, traveling into the heart of Tel Aviv, perhaps the most liberal progressive city in Israel, to kill and injure Israelis, including some who have supported their cause.

A British Palestinian girl wins an award for lying

May 29, 2016 — Barry Shaw

A Ted-type rant has gained much exposure over the social media. It was made by a Palestinian Muslim girl, Leanne Mohamad, dressed cutely in her British school uniform, giving a one-sided diatribe for a “free Palestine.”

Like much of the Palestinian narrative it is full of emotional imagery with shallow false statements often employed to cover the harsh reality of Palestinian hatred and the anti-Semitism of rejecting Jewish heritage and a Jewish self-determination that has been decreed under international law

Real Clear Thoughts on BDS “free speech” to Misguided Governments

May 27, 2016 — Barry Shaw

The news that the Dutch have followed the Swedes in declaring BDS messaging as free speech leaves me perplexed. Let me see if I’ve got this right.

The Dutch are against BDS, oppose boycott campaigning, oppose their call for the elimination of Israel, but allows their right to do all this. This is more than double Dutch. It’s more like a Dutch pretzel.

“As long as what you say is not illegal you are free to say it,” claims the Dutch Ambassador to Israel, Gilles Beschoor Plug. So let’s see a few of the things that BDS says.

The Myth of Palestinian Sovereignty Claims

May 16, 2016 — Barry Shaw

The Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), of which I am a proud member and the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy, is dedicated to presenting hard facts to politicians, diplomats, journalists, think tanks and the general public on issues relating to Israel and its dispute with the Arab world and the broader international community.

By addressing reality and truth, rather than attaching itself to current utopian fantasies in pursuit of peace, IISS presents clear-eyed analysis of problems and causes and, by doing so, lays bare the shallow proposals meant to solve the Israeli-Arab conflicts.

One such myth is the international desire to create a Palestinian state.

The Insanity of a Palestinian State

Apr 13, 2016 — Barry Shaw

Incitement and anti-Semitic hate are spewing out of the mouths of Palestinian leaders, empty words designed to perpetuate Palestinian self-promotion as the perennial victim when, in truth, they are only the victims of their own emptiness, the constant eruption of violence against Israelis from Palestinian Arabs raised to hate Jews and destroy Israel.

If anyone is so utterly unworthy of statehood it is the Palestinian Arabs.

Belgium fell asleep at their guard post

Mar 24, 2016 — Barry Shaw

Western intelligence services repeatedly warned Belgium of a serious and imminent terror threat. They even gave the intended targets, the airport and the underground system, but Belgian security services failed to take the necessary preventative measures that may have stopped the huge loss of life and injury on March 22 in Brussels.

As one Israeli counter-terror expert told me, “they fell asleep on guard duty even after being told the enemy was about to attack them.”

Jesus at the Check Post

Mar 6, 2016 — Barry Shaw

It’s that crazy Christian time of year in Bethlehem where traditional beliefs are thrown out of the church window.

March 7-10 will see the fourth rendering of that anti-Israel libel ‘Christ at the Checkpoint’ played out yet again.

It is bad enough when devious Arab Islamic leaders, including Holocaust-denier Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, quote at Christmas time that Jesus was a “Palestinian messenger,” but it is something completely different when church leaders call Jesus a Palestinian.

A new tactic against BDS – laugh at them

Feb 26, 2016 — Barry Shaw

Much has been written lately about BDS. People seem to be really concerned. It reminds me of the dread of the bogeyman in the broom cupboard. The fear is far, far, greater than the reality.

What to do about BDS? Laugh at them, and ridicule them.

The Dangerous Hope of Two-Staters

Feb 17, 2016 — Barry Shaw

I am in bewilderment of those who have made a fifty year career, costing billions of dollars, in pursuit of an elusive Two-State Solution.