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Bogdan Kipling is veteran Canadian journalist in Washington.Originally posted to the U.S. capital in the early 1970s by Financial Times of Canada, he is now commenting on his eighth presidency of the United States and on international affairs.His columns have been featured in newspapers across Canada and the United States. They have been picked in South Africa, Korea, The Times of India and The Gulf News in the United Emirates. His first article for British publications appeared in The Times of London.Bogdan Kipling is a member of the House and Senate Press Galleries. He can be contacted at [[email protected][email protected]][email protected][/email]

Most Recent Articles by Bogdan Kipling:

Putin’s Crimea blitzkrieg

Mar 24, 2014 — Bogdan Kipling

Washington – President Vladimir Putin believes in facts on the ground.  He opened his Crimea blitzkrieg in late February, signed the final document incorporating the sovereign Ukrainian territory into Russia March 21. He is ostentatiously grabbing for more as you read and there is no telling how far he will go.

Vlad rolling Ukraine back under Mother Russia’s skirts

Dec 4, 2013 — Bogdan Kipling

Washington – Tsar Vlad is on the roll. He rolled up Ukraine back under Mother Russia’s skirts only days before the still-independent country was to sign an association agreement with the European Union.

Obama’s Munich Moment

Nov 27, 2013 — Bogdan Kipling

Washington, D.C. – When the kings and Emirs of four Muslim countries and Israeli leaders are talking alliance something profound is shaking the old order in the Middle East.

Beijing and Tokyo calling the shots on American debt default

Oct 10, 2013 — Bogdan Kipling

Washington, D.C. – Who blinked? President Obama did, for all his tough talking. He climbed down from his high perch on the debt ceiling deadlock when he opened up to the Republican proposal of a short-term extension of the debt ceiling and negotiate the rest in the time gained.

Obama’s ‘disarm, obey, and shut up’ bi-partisanship

Oct 5, 2013 — Bogdan Kipling

Washington, D.C. – Will Republicans or President Obama pay the political price for the government shutdown? There is no telling today. But lose no patience, a credible answer is only a month away.

The ‘Red Line Express’ comes to G-20

Sep 5, 2013 — Bogdan Kipling

Washington – Wow, the brilliance of Barack Obama has never shone as bright as when focused at this one question: How to make sure to get the worst of both worlds?

Hillary, Obama’s loyal co-conspirator

Aug 24, 2013 — Bogdan Kipling

Washington – “If Hillary runs, Hillary wins” goes the snappy poliTwitt making the rounds three years before the 2016 Democratic presidential nominating convention.

No Time for Smelling Salts

Jul 27, 2013 — Bogdan Kipling

Washington – This is no time for sissies – be they couch potatoes watching what’s going on in Egypt on TV or pyramids of power like President Barack Obama doing his best to give minimal attention to the hinges of history swinging.

A day late and a dollar short

Jun 20, 2013 — Bogdan Kipling

Washington, D.C—President Obama nailed a strange device to his mast and called it foreign policy and governed accordingly since he took office four years and five months ago.

Benghazi: The biggest dog that didn’t bark

Jun 4, 2013 — Bogdan Kipling

Washington – What do you call a national leader mired in three simultaneous scandals: A politician deep in do-do? And what if the scandal least talked about poses the most serious danger – that it is the biggest dog that didn’t bark.